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Os códigos, as linguagens, as máquinas e e... Triathlon... TUDO é software? :-) uma VISÃO em 3 atos… 1. os códigos e as linguagens 2. as (novas?) máquinas.

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Apresentação em tema: "Os códigos, as linguagens, as máquinas e e... Triathlon... TUDO é software? :-) uma VISÃO em 3 atos… 1. os códigos e as linguagens 2. as (novas?) máquinas."— Transcrição da apresentação:

1 os códigos, as linguagens, as máquinas e e... Triathlon... TUDO é software? :-) uma VISÃO em 3 atos… 1. os códigos e as linguagens 2. as (novas?) máquinas … 3. estudo de caso: joa no triathlon por jones albuquerque DEINFO-UFRPE ISI-TICs / INES

2 1º. ato códigos linguagens e máquinas e triathlon

3 2010, SCIAM, Endangered Species: Humans Might Have Faced Extinction 1 Million Years Ago http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=early-human-population-size-genetic-diversity era uma vez… a gente!

4 a necessidade de se expressar, e computar... em códigos ! THE ISHAGO BONE, 38.000 BC (???) Origins of Mathematics in the Bunyoro-kitara and Kalahari regions of sub Saharan Africa nearly 40,000 years ago

5 códigos... Ancient Chemical Symbols. Psychoanalytic Review, 14:200-206, 1927 Chineses: pictograms, ideograms, iconically… 1436 BC… 1800 – 1050 BC to 1955…

6 a escrita mais códigos... The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Writing Systems DOI 10.1111/b.9780631214816.1999.x origens da LÍNGUAS faladas http://pandora.cii.wwu.edu/vajda/ling201/test1materials/origin_of_language.htm 4000 BC www.phoenician.org

7 ALFABETOS - códigos Português Grego


9 http://www.historum.com/ancient-history/1001-most-influential-ancient-civilizations-9.html

10 www.nature.com/ Nature 426, 435-439(27 November 2003) doi:10.1038/nature02029

11 códigos antigos X modernos… Vale do Catimbau – Buíque - PE Grafite Pichação…

12 X 1453 BC 2013 AC

13 léxico, sintático, semântico

14 errado? em relação a que código? Gramática Da Língua Portuguesa (sebo Amigo) http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br R$ 10,00

15 o SENSO numérico http://educar.sc.usp.br/matematica/let2.htm#let2a1 quantas pessoas de cada lado?

16 o caso do corvo de Dantzig e o da galinha de joa e agora… quantas pessoas de cada lado? e quantos seres vivos?

17 a necessidade de computar... os códigos matemáticos... os NÚMEROS http://pessoal.sercomtel.com.br/matematica/fundam/numeros/numeros.htm um fato: ISHANGO bone http://www.math.buffalo.edu/mad/Ancient-Africa/ishango.html o SENSO numérico http://educar.sc.usp.br/matematica/let2.htm#let2a1 representação do complexo códigos mais densos! http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hessiano

18 um resumo da codificação matemática… até onde conseguimos ler o que está escrito? http://library.thinkquest.org/22584/emh1000.htm

19 e a representação do complexo? códigos mais densos!... http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hessiano http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hessiano é a jacobiana, derivada do gradiente… aplicaçoes???

20 2º. ato códigos linguagens e máquinas e triathlon

21 Comp 4Computer ProgrammingSlide 21 Heres some machine code from a MIPS processor: 00000000101000010000000000011000 00000000100011100001100000100001 10001100011000100000000000000000 10001100111100100000000000000100 10101100111100100000000000000000 10101100011000100000000000000100 00000011111000000000000000001000 Okay... did that make sense? Probably not. source: http://www.eas.asu.edu/~gupta/intro.html

22 Comp 4Computer ProgrammingSlide 22 Lets look at it in MIPS assembly language : swap: muli $2, $5,4 add $2, $4,$2 lw $15, 0($2) lw $16, 4($2) sw $16, 0($2) sw $15, 4($2) jr $31 Now does that make sense? Better, but still cryptic. source: http://www.eas.asu.edu/~gupta/intro.html

23 Comp 4Computer ProgrammingSlide 23 What about a high level language, like C swap(int v[], int k) { int temp; temp = v[k]; v[k] = v[k+1]; v[k+1] = temp; } This probably still doesnt make sense to most of you. Thats okay. However, you could probably parse it after I explained what everything was. source: http://www.eas.asu.edu/~gupta/intro.html

24 escrita + números... MUITOS códigos linguagens e máquinas... /http://www.chomsky.info/ 1928, Professor in Department of Linguistics & Philosophy at MIT http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Turing 1912 - 1954

25 a necessidade de se expressar e computar automaticamente... os códigos e as linguagens, 1936... a máquina de turing

26 computer languages http://www.levenez.com/lang/

27 máquinas? programáveis? qual o código? a linguagem? computers? what kind of? humanoids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJdiNBRwDW0 ride a bike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mT3vfSQePcs football https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B_sB0q4IDU 2013, aug, El robot japonés Kirobo viaja al espacio para una misión histórica : http://www.rtve.es/noticias/20130804/kirobo-robot-habla-viaja-espacio-para-mision-historica/730541 http://www.rtve.es/noticias/20130804/kirobo-robot-habla-viaja-espacio-para-mision-historica/730541 a revolução pode ser antecipada? http://terramagazine.terra.com.br/silviomeira/blog/2013/10/04/a-revoluo-pode-ser-antecipada/

28 outras máquinas com seus códigos e linguagens… Moving Things Around

29 ¿O QUE é isso? mais NOVOS códigos…

30 A famous and simple one: Game of Life Take a look at this applet –http://www.bitstorm.org/gameoflife/http://www.bitstorm.org/gameoflife/ MATHEMATICAL GAMES The fantastic combinations of John Conway's new solitaire game "life" Scientific American, 223 (October 1970): 120-123.Scientific American

31 Rule 30 - 1000 iterações

32 Flows in Rule 110!!

33 Rule 110, 150 steps

34 natural biotic types Patterns of some seashellsseashells, like the ones in Conus and Cymbiola genus, are generated by natural CA.Conus http://www.answers.com/topic/cellular-automaton

35 arts

36 CA music generator

37 MUSIC is a code by machine... Let´s take a bit of time with this site –http://tones.wolfram.com/http://tones.wolfram.com/

38 What can we do with this?

39 ANKOS – A New Kind of Simulator a cellular automata framework for computational epidemiology www.epischisto.org fishy.com.br

40 A case study… Schistosomiasis Carne de Vaca – GO Ponta do Canoé!

41 2006 – 2007, data collect in-loco

42 estrutura/expedicoes

43 Spatial pattern, water use and risk levels associated with the transmission of schistosomiasis on the north coast of Pernambuco, Brazil. Cad. Saúde Pública vol.26 no.5 Rio de Janeiro May 2010. http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/S0102-311X2010000500023 2008 – 2009, data analysis and reports... Parasitological exams on 1100 residents

44 2008 and 2009 data analysis and reports... Summary data for molluscs collected... Ecological aspects and malacological survey to identification of transmission risk' sites for schistosomiasis in Pernambuco North Coast, Brazil. Iheringia, Sér. Zool. 2010, vol.100, n.1, pp. 19- 24. http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/S0073-47212010000100003

45 2009-2010, modelling with 15 real parameters (?) From one year (population 1 snapshot, molluscs 12 snapshots) without previous historical...

46 a cellular automaton Cellular automaton A is a set of four objects A =, where G – set of cells Z – set of possible cells states N – set, which describes cells neighborhood f – transition function, rules of the automaton: – Z |N|+1 Z (for automaton, which has cells with memory ) – Z |N| Z (for automaton, which has memoryless cells) Moore Neighbourhood (in grey) of the cell marked with a dot in a 2D square grid

47 one proposal: a top-down approach using a cellular automaton simulation space, a 10x10 square grid

48 the dynamics Mollusk population dynamics a growth model for the number of individuals (N) that considers the intrinsic growth rate (r) and the maximum sustainable yield or carrying capacity (C) defined at each site (Verhulst, 1838) : Human infection dynamics (SIR - SI) This model splits the human population into three compartments: S (for susceptible), I (for infectious) and R (for recovered and not susceptible to infection) and the snail population into two compartments: M S (for susceptible mollusk) and M I (for infectious mollusk). Socioeconomic and environmental factors environmental quality of the nine collection sites in Carne de Vaca, according to the criteria of Callisto et al (Souza et al, 2010). the model calculates the local increase of population using equation 1 and calculating N(t+1) out from N(t). The values for r and C are set at each site and each time step, using monthly meteorological inputs and considering the ecological quality of the habitat (1) (3a) (3b)

49 Cells and infection forces states black: rate of human infection = 100%; red: 80% rate of human infection < 100%; light red: 60% rate of human infection < 80%; yellow: 40% rate of human infection < 60%; light yellow: 20% rate of human infection < 40%; cyan: 0% rate of human infection < 20%. infection forces Human S -> I (infected molluscs contact, p H ) I -> R (if treated (1-α), χ) Molluscs S -> I (infected human contact, p M )

50 the algorithm – like the GAME OF LIFE! Events process Main

51 coding... rain people molusks rivers

52 sumulations Mathematica 7.0 (Mathematica, 2011) with a processor Intel i5 3GHz, 4MB Cache, 8GB RAM. Computational costs of a complete simulation when assuming a fixed world size (10x10 cells) and extent (365 time steps) and an increasing number of parameters being swept for rejection sampling (from 1 to 15)

53 simulations according to the risk indicator, in the scattering diagram of Moran represented in the Box Map (Figure 2), indicated 18 areas of highest risk for the schistosomiasis, all located in the central sector of the village. Areas with lower risk and areas of intermediate risk for occurrence of the disease were located in the north and central portions with some irregularity in the distribution

54 Fieldworks to calibrate...

55 Simulations – previsibility... Predictive scenarios generated with the parameter calibration of the year 2007 that show endemic schistosomiasis. I stands for the average percentage of infected humans per spatial cell predicted by the model

56 e mais...

57 ahhh?…

58 Forbes!!!! ????… 6/28/2013!!!

59 tudo é mesmo software!! (?)

60 3º. ato códigos linguagens e máquinas estudos de caso by joa: esquistossomose e triathlon

61 era uma vez… os códigos by Conway, Cellular Automata are not just a game sim, esquistossomose é software!

62 e Triathlon também é software?

63 o código http://www.triathlon.org/about/downloads/category/rules exemplos: uniformes http://www.triathlon.org/uploads/docs/Age_Groups_uniforms_updated_on_9_09_2013.pdf competições http://www.triathlon.org/uploads/docs/itusport_competition-rules-2013_final.pdf ranking http://www.triathlon.org/uploads/docs/ITU_World_Triathlon_Series_Ranking_Criteria.pdf

64 a linguagem treino https://www.dropbox.com/s/io589xh6kyikd1u/Jones%20Oliveira%20de%20Albuquerque%20141013.pdf nutrição http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11932-007-0039-2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/iz0d2yft71ix8q3/NutricaoParaTriathlon.pdf Equipamento bike… http://www.trisports.com/all-triathlon-bicycles.html tenis…

65 a máquina como programá-la?

66 em teste! WE HAVE SOME BUGS YET… COLLAPSES http://bit.ly/1aqVw7M OTHER COLLAPSES http://bit.ly/1hYzw8l

67 se TUDO é software o que seremos então? INFORMAÇÃO!!! BYTES e mais BYTES!!

68 organizando a informação… http://www.english.illinois.edu/-people-/faculty/debaron/403/403powerpoint/how.pdf

69 e ARMAZENANDO... séculos de símbolos e expressões!!




73 informação na história da humanidade Oral cultures (> 1,000,000 years ago) Painting (> 20,000 B.C.E.) Writing (7,000 - 3800 B.C.E.) Printing (+- 800 B.C.E. - 1456 C.E. ) Non-electronic Computation (1623 - 1940s) Telegraphy (1844) Telephone (1876) Radio (1895) Television (1929) Electronic Computation ( +- 1945) Computer networking (1969) Commercial Internet (1990) World Wide Web (1992) ????? (2030) DNAs…?

74 informação na história da humanidade: {ucb-emc report}

75 a informação volume acessibilidade organização comunicação software tudo é software! BIG DATA

76 a internet das coisas! smart*

77 moravec & quando seremos ultrapassados?

78 para ler… First-ever human head transplant is now possible, says neuroscientist http://qz.com/99413/first-ever-human-head-transplant-is-now-possible-says-neuroscientist/ Newton papers http://cudl.lib.cam.ac.uk/collections/newton The Mathematical Universe http://arxiv.org/abs/0704.0646 Matriz Hessiana e Aplicações https://www.dropbox.com/s/08cgdb7t31c66n0/notas-hessiana.pdf Morals and Machine http://www.economist.com/node/21556234 Assumindo que tudo é mesmo software: Novos negócios innovadores de crescimento empreendedor no brasil http://www.casadapalavra.com.br/livros/560/

79 Obrigado! jones.albuquerque

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