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Mediterranean Diet.

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1 Mediterranean Diet

2 Introduction The concept of “Mediterranean diet” is the result of a study of the food habits of the Mediterranean population, initiated in the 50’s. This study revealed that those populations showed a minimum risk of diseases related with nutrition, as well as a low index of heart diseases and a long life.

3 Vegetables, aromatic herbs, fresh fruit and nuts are often consumed;
Despite the differences between the traditional diets of each country, all of the Mediterranean diets have the following characteristics: Consumption of fresh food of the season and without any chemical processing; Bread is very used in this type of diet, not only as na attendance but as well as a main ingredient of some traditional recipes; Vegetables, aromatic herbs, fresh fruit and nuts are often consumed; The fat consumed in this type of diet is mainly vegetable, most of it in the form of oils: olive oil( main source of fats), nut’s oil and fish oil. The lard isn’t very used. The same happens with butter and margarine;

4 Low consumption in which concerns to milk, yogurts, cheese and red meat;
Moderated use of eggs, poultry and fish. The fish is the main source of proteins; The main dessert are fresh fruits; Chemical processed sugar and honey are consumed rarely; Wine is consumed with moderation, mainly at meals; Physical exercise is an important complement of the diet.



7 Countries where Mediterranean Diet exists
The Mediterranean diet is characteristic of the countries of the mediterranean basin. This map shows the countries where it exists.

8 Characterizing youngster’s diet
Nowadays, teens nutrition is dominated by meat, chips and refrigerants. The consumption of fish, fruit, vegetables, soup, rice and pastas are discriminated. These nutrition Estes desequilíbrios alimentares têm essencialmente origem numa falta de tempo para preparar refeições saudáveis, muito por causa do ritmo de vida e do stress provocado pela cidade. Assim, os jovens têm tendência a comer fora de casa refeições rápidas, que têm preços acessíveis mas não são saudáveis – fast food.

9 Cardiovascular Diseases.
Young people who consume almost everyday this type of food could suffer health problems, for example: Obesity; Diabetes; Cardiovascular Diseases. This situation gets worst by the fact that teens these days don’t do much physical exercise and also because of the sedentarism on our day-to-day.

10 Differences and Points in Common Between Mediterranean Diet and the Diet Done by Young People
While studying, teenagers need energy to accomplish their tasks and works. So the teen’s diet should include a little bit of everything – fruits, salads, meat of all kinds, glicides(bread, pasta, rice) and even some candies, but in moderate quantities. They should avoid industrialized products( very popular among teenagers) which most of times are consumed in more quantity than they should. It’s also essential that teens do a lot of exercise and drink more water.

11 Introduction to the Comics
More and more a larger number of diseases are relationated with “food problems”. These problems afect the arteries, leading to coronary diseases. This comic tries to show the differences between an organism of a person who follows the mediterranean diet and the one of someone who just eats fast food .

12 Banda Desenhada The UFO arrives to the Earth to investigate the Earth people’s food habits. (1 e 2) To accomplish his mission, the UFO is going to enter in the organism of someone who often eats fast food and investigate it.3 e 4)

13 It goes through his digestiv tube and through his arteries analysing the consequences of this type of diet (5)and goes out by the nose.(6) After, we does a little trip to the Mediterrane.(7 e 8)

14 He enters the organism of a person that has the tipic diet of this zone. Once again, he investigates his arteries and his digestiv tube. (9 e 10) He gets out through the nose and he comes back to his planet with some conclusions.(11 e 12)

15 The mediterranean diet, followed by our ancestors is a kind of diet very healthy and with low health risks, due to his low percentage in fats and great consume of vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, the fast food, which is the diet followed by teenagers these days, it has too much salt, fats, proteins and lack of vitamins and fibers, which can lead to cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

16 Conclusion We can conclude that Mediterranean based diet is better for young people, because it has a great variety and it’s healthy and can give them all the nutrients and energy necessary to a good development and activities. Dieta Mediterrânica é ideal para os jovens, já que é uma dieta variada e saudável que lhes pode fornecer os nutrientes e energia necessária ao seu metabolismo e actividades. A aquisição desta dieta como hábito alimentar é também desejável, já que também é caracterizada por incentivar à prática de exercício físico que, na mesma medida dos alimentos que compõem a dieta, ajuda à prevenção de problemas de saúde graves.

17 Work done by: Ana Catarina nº 2 João Diogo nº9 João Manuel nº10
Mónica Santos nº13 Class: 11º1ª Trabalho no âmbito do projecto ESaT

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