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Alcatel-Lucent IP Telephony Portfolio

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1 Alcatel-Lucent IP Telephony Portfolio
Ronaldo Nevola Solution Engineer Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Market Group Brazil

2 Portifólio OmniPCX: “Completo para IP Telephony”
Local, regional Multi-national, principalmente single site multi-site Grandes Empresas OmniPCX Enterprise Médias Empresas Arquitetura OmniPCX Única para Soluções IP Telephony Soluções adaptadas para cada nicho de mercado: Pequeno Porte (OmniPCX Office) Até 200 Portas Médio e Grande Porte (OmniPCX Enterprise) Até usuários TDM IP Mercado SOHO OmniPCX Office 2

3 1 OmniPCX Office Small Enterprise Market

4 Plataforma OmniPCX Office
ISDN/PSTN Internet Modular, scalable, expandable Flexible Feature-rich (call-by-name, conference, etc.)

5 Plataforma OmniPCX Office
Open communication server Call-by-name: 3000-name directory 60 minutes integrated voice mail; 2 ports 2 minutes customized music on hold 2 system languages Automatic route selection Up to 200 PIMphony™ Softphone Basic Personal assistant Voice mail capacity and features Up to 10 minutes music on hold Automated attendant Intelligent greetings On-site DECT or Wi-Fi® mobility PIMphony Softphone Pro and Team Collaboration and off-site mobility services with Extended Communication Server LAN switching and Wi-Fi infrastructure

6 Office Communication Solution :
Collaboration Unified Communication Remote / Web Off-site Mobile Cellular& PDA On-site Mobile DECT & Wifi Extended Communication Server OmniPCX Office OmniAccess OmniStack Desktop PC Desktop IP Touch LAN WAN “Solução de comunicação para SMB” Integração com diversas formas de mídia, internet, comunicação unificada, mobilidade; Solução totalmente controlavel quando ao uso, segurança e custo; Facil administração, todos os serviço de grande porte para os pequenos escritórios.

7 2 OmniPCX Enterprise MID & LARGE Enterprise Market

8 OmniPCX Enterprise IP Communications Plataform
A scalable solution Supporting 10 to 100,000 users based on Call Servers Stacking Stack of Call Servers to build out multiple nodes – ABC over IP network protocol IP Touch / SIP users per server TDM digital and analogue sets – per server 240 Media Gateway per node users in Network Large configuration Medium configuration & Medium size network site Branch Media gateway Branch IP sets 150,000 BHCC in a single system with IP Crystal Server or IP Appliance Server. Each server/node may handle up to: 5,000 phones, 4000 IP phones 3000 softphones 1000 SIP clients 2,000 trunks, 90 media gateways 60,000 names in a phone directory, 15,000 speed dial numbers, 5,000 DECT terminals, and 500 PWT terminals. 15,000 extensions including fictive A network of OmniPCX Enterprise systems supports up to 50,000 users in up to 100 systems with networked features, management, applications and routing A super network of networks supports up to 256 networks of 100 systems (256K systems) with over 12M users (in theory – not yet tested!) 10 50 80 250 Ext.

9 Arquitetura (OXE Media Gateways)
Crystal IPMG IP Media Gateway Rack 3 ACT Crystal M2 ACT Crystal M3 IP Media Gateway Rack 1

10 Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise
Media independence Hybrid IP/TDM Telephony that allows customers to migrate to IP at their own pace. Universal networking IP, Frame Relay, MPLS, ATM, ISDN/PSTN Openness 802.1p/q, TOS/DiffServ, POE 802.3af, SNMP, LDAP, QSIG-GF, H.323, SIP, XML Embedded applications Contact Center Voice Messaging Automated Attendant Mobility Security Future Proof Up to users Full UC Portifolio Communication applications Communication management software Voice network hardware components IP network The OmniPCX Enterprise’s capability to provide (1) IP Telephony and (2) Distributed Time Division Multiplex (TDM) Telephony allows customers to merge into IP at their own pace. Currently, most existing data networks are not equipped to handle the required Quality of Service levels to process multi-media traffic smoothly all over the Intranet. May be only some part are compliant with these requirements. So, It is important that legacy telephony, based on TDM switching, as well as IP Telephony is provided with the same level of features without any difference due to the connection type. This ensures a smooth evolution of an existing network with % reliability. Same software (Linux Operating System) for both IP and TDM phones, meaning same features, management, call accounting, etc PSTN SIP Phone DECT Base station Wireless LAN Base Station Analog IP wireless DECT set Digital Phones Fax IP-Phones IP soft phone

11 3 Contact Centers Solutions

12 Portifólio de Contact Center Alcatel-Lucent Na medida certa para o seu negócio
Omni Genesys (>500) Desempenho do Negócio MULTIMÍDIA Voz, , Chat, Web, Redes Sociais OmniTouch CC Eficiência Operacional VOZ & Genesys Compact Edition (<300) VOZ Standard Edition (<1000) Investimento Otimizado Altogether, we see now where Premium fits nicely in the overall Alcatel CC Picture: It’s a sort of missing piece of the Alcatel CC porftolio puzzle… As part of the same product line, we will offer smooth (tools assisted) evolutions from Std to Premium edition… And as Premium edition is running Genesys, « behind the cover » it will then be possible for a customer, to further migrate – if need be – towards OmniGenesys solution ! This continuum is unique in the Marketplace and meant to keep away the competition from our BP’s !! It’s also worthwhile to stress on that picture, that Premium is not going to replace Std. Edition, but well indeed to complement it !! Any Questions ? VOZ OmniTouch CC Office (< 32) Um amplo portfólio: único no mercado !

13 4 Alcatel-Lucent Unified Communications

14 VoIP... IP Telephony... SIP ... Unified Communication
(proprietary protocol) 2007 SIP Trunking & SIP User 2008 Native SIP User (Extended Services) From 1K to 5K SIP users / com server IP Touch Dual Stack (SIP Ready) SIP Phones 2005 2009 SIP Full NOE Services New 8000 Series (SIP Full Services) ALU legacy phones 2003 2010 UC Sip Based Virtualization XXL Sip Network 2001 VoIP UC SIP based for Any Device ROI TCO TEV

15 Alcatel-Lucent Unified Communication – Multi Device
Room Video Conf. Voice mail Fax SMS/ MMS Docs and Files Calendaring Directory PBX Complete end-to-end converged communications OmniPCX Enterprise IP PBX Business integrated Communications Solution (BiCS) on blades Unified Communications Suite Contact Center Management Applications Data Services Quality of Experience User choice and control Single interface: multi-session, multi-media FMC Dual Mode Audio and web Conferencing IM and presence 15

16 Alcatel-Lucent Unified Communication portfolio
Either Full UC services …. …. or standalone packages… OmniTouch™ Instant Communications Suite OmniPCX Enterprise IP Gateway or IP PBX NEW OmniTouch 8440 Messaging Software Telephony & One Number Services Messaging Services OmniTouch 8460 Advanced Comm. Server Web Services Audio, data & Video Collaboration NEW OmniTouch 8464 Meet-me Audio Conference Bridge Fax Services Mobility Services OmniTouch 8450 Fax Software Alcatel-Lucent offers the broadest range of advanced Unified Communication capabilities in the industry. We offer these solutions through a flexible solution packaging that allows customers to purchase the components they need, either in a modular way or as an all-in-one software package. For example, customers can start with Messaging System because their legacy Voice Mail is reaching end of life or from the premises-based audio conferencing appliance to eliminate costs associated with external audio conferencing services or with the Mobility to increase the productivity of their highly mobile workforce. Either way, this strategy provides customers with an easy and cost-effective way to enter the UC market while making it easier for them to justify to the CFO and IT department the investment in other UC technologies later through software licensing. OmniTouch 8410 Instant Communications Web Services 3rd Party Services MS Exchange, Lotus Domino,… Ldap, AD, … Directory

17 Unified Communication MULT-USER-INTERFACE – IM & Collaboration Interfaces
Sametime Connect My Instant Communicator GETS 3rd party PBXs Sametime Instant Communication for Enterprise (ICS) 3pCC OmniPCX Enterprise CSTA SIP/CSTA 500+ My Teamwork (IM / Presence / conferencing) My Instant Communicator GETS 3rd party PBXs Instant Communication for Enterprise (ICS) 3pCC OmniPCX Enterprise CSTA SIP/CSTA 500+ MOC My Instant Communicator GETS 3rd party PBXs OCS Instant Communication for Enterprise (ICS) 3pCC OmniPCX Enterprise CSTA SIP/CSTA 500+ MyTW conf. MyTW conf.

18 UC – Interface de Usuário – Presença, I.M,
User Presence/ Registered Phone Scheduling Recordings IM Logs AMDS Voice Broadcasting Call a Contact User Social Presence Initiate Video Session Contacts’ Presence IM a Contact Geo-Localization Wifi, GPS, … External Contact Dial Out Outlook Calendar Presence Browser-based using ActiveX Windows, Unix, and Macintosh support Multiple languages supported 18

19 Video Collaboration with Radvision Global architecture
IP Network OXE HD Room System RADVISION SCOPIA 12/24/48 MCU 3G Gateway IP Touch users My Teamwork users My Teamwork Server Any SD Room System: IP,SIP, ISDN

20 Vídeo Colaboração Enhance the user experience One click and you’re in
All RADVISION MCU-compatible endpoints and room systems State-of-the-art, high-quality video Peer-to-peer video in OmniTouch 8660 My Teamwork Enhance the user experience Enables any expert to join a videoconference One click and you’re in All RADVISION MCU-compatible endpoints & room systems State-of-the-art, high-quality video H.264/MPEG-4 part 10 Full-screen or presentation mode Peer-to-peer video in OmniTouch 8660 My Teamwork Optimize investments through smooth transformation Thin video SIP client requires no installation Video means less travel HD web client

21 OmniTouch 8660 My Teamwork Multiparty Video Conferencing
Executive & Room HW systems Complete connectivity to Legacy room systems (HD & SD) My Teamwork Users on their desktops Connectivity to leading UC vendors – for external conferencing Network Off site users Voice only over PSTN or Video over 3G 21 21

22 UC - User interface – Vídeo Colaboração
Video SD Presentation Audio Control Mute, Hold, Record, IM Down/Upload files Video HD Replacement for Built-In Video End Point The current RTC-based audio/video end point, while functional, provides an unacceptably low quality video user experience. This is based primarily on the fact that it is limited to QCIF resolution. ACS 8.0 includes a replacement video endpoint that supports at least 4CIF as well as full-screen video display. The replacement video client will support a variety of different client containers and can be stretched to fit available space. The built-in client is based on the Intellivic video client SDK, sourced from Androme in Belgium. When installed, the user can also choose to use “My Computer” as the audio end point for conference calls. This should not be confused with a full-featured “soft phone”. If a true soft-phone is also available it can be the preferred audio-end point for conference and video calls as is currently the case in My Teamwork. To allow access to certain DTMF conference features, the video component ActiveX provides a DTMF keypad when audio is being handled by the video client. When receiving calls where DTMF input is known in advance to be required (“press 1 to join” enabled, “record your name”, etc…) the DTMF keypad will automatically be displayed. No DTMF keypad is presented when audio is directed to any other audio endpoint (PBX extension, soft phone, PSTN phone, etc…). As with the current RTC solution, this replacement component will only be available on the Windows platform and only when Internet Explorer is the browser. Sample views with new embedded video client: 22

23 Video Colaboração para Ambientes Médicos
Compartilhar Conhecimento e Gerenciar Emergências For physicians, the collaboration may also be extended to video collaboration sessions, thanks to the integration with Polycom. Setting up a video collaboration session is as simple as a phone call, either from an IP Touch phone or from a web-based interface.

24 Colaboração Entendida Cirurgia Inteligente
OR1 – Dr Fred, Patient – John Public OR1 Clear Full OR12 Setup Close Logout OR25 OR4

25 eLearning Experiência colaborativa para os alunos
Alcatel- Lucent collaboration services feature audio and web conferencing It also features peer to peer High Definition video The MCU is also in the catalogue, enabling multi-party video A strong focus is placed on voice quality, high definition voice will be enhanced with a Bell labs patents and in particular with algorithm that will suppress noise in a conference bridge Alcatel-Lucent provides multi-media collaboration inside the company as well as with partners, APIs will simplify portal integration, IM federation with OCS will be supplemented by federation with residential public IM. IMS integration will continue to be enhanced to support deployments within the operator space. 25

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