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SKIMMING Esta estratégia de leitura consiste em observarmos o texto rapidamente apenas para detectar o assunto geral, sem nos preocuparmos com os detalhes.

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Apresentação em tema: "SKIMMING Esta estratégia de leitura consiste em observarmos o texto rapidamente apenas para detectar o assunto geral, sem nos preocuparmos com os detalhes."— Transcrição da apresentação:

1 SKIMMING Esta estratégia de leitura consiste em observarmos o texto rapidamente apenas para detectar o assunto geral, sem nos preocuparmos com os detalhes. - Folhear jornal / revista para obter uma idéia geral das principais matérias / reportagens

2 Don't panic, schools. ABC News
The government is urging school officials to stay calm when swine flu strikes this fall, closing buildings only in drastic cases and allowing sick students to return as soon as 24 hours after their fever is gone. States and schools should also be planning now for the possibility of schoolwide vaccinations beginning in mid-October. Federal officials know more now about swine flu than they did last spring, when alarm and confusion led hundreds of schools to temporarily shut down. New guidance issued Friday reflects what the officials have learned. "There are measures we can take to protect the students, to protect the staff and allow learning to continue," Frieden said during a news conference at the Department of Health and Human Services. Some steps for prevention remain the same as always, officials said: People should wash their hands, cough into their sleeves and stay home if they get sick. But the officials added a new precaution, saying schools need to keep sick kids away from classmates, setting aside a room where students who show up sick can wait to be sent home. There are three situations generally that would justify school closure, officials said: -When swine flu emerges in a school where most or all of the children have special needs, such as a school for pregnant teenagers or for medically frail children. -When large numbers of kids or staff come down with swine flu. -When parents send sick, feverish kids to school despite federal and local guidance to keep them home.

3 Edgar Morin French philosopher and sociologist who was born in Paris on July 8, 1921 Morin's epistemological work can be seen as "revolutionary" because of his attempt to reconsider the relation-triangle: ideology-politics-science through what he calls "complexity”. The "complex" being here not the opposite of simple but a "method" which "respects the mystery" of the universe, knowing that "the simple is just, always, something simplified" by someone. This titanic effort can be discovered in his six volume masterwork La Méthode. Classical science rejected complexity in virtue of three fundamental explanatory principles: The principle of universal determinism, illustrated by Laplace’s Daemon, capable, thanks to his intelligence and extremely developed senses, of not only knowing all past events, but also of predicting all events in the future. The principle of reduction, which consists in knowing any composite from only the knowledge of its basic constituting elements. The principle of disjunction, which consists in isolating and separating cognitive difficulties from one another, leading to the separation between disciplines, which have become hermetic from each other. RESTRICTED COMPLEXITY, GENERAL COMPLEXITY Presented at the Colloquium “Intelligence de la complexite : Epistemologie et pragmatique”, Cerisy-La-Salle, France, June 26th, 2005. From Wikipedia

4 Edgar Morin Localize as seguintes informações no texto:
a. Nacionalidade do filósofo e sociólogo b. Local de nascimento c. Ano de nascimento d. Relação triangular e. Nome de sua obra mais importante f. Quantidade de volumes da obra g. Número de princípios em virtude dos quais a ciência clássica rejeitou seu paradigma da complexidade. h. Princípios fundamentais i. Data e local do colóquio

5 Scanning Quando buscamos uma informação específica, concentramos a atenção apenas em identificá-la, ignorando outros detalhes do texto. Essa técnica de leitura – o scanning – consiste em correr rapidamente os olhos pelo texto até localizar a informação desejada. Essa técnica não exige leitura completa nem detalhada do texto. Uso do dicionário, da lista telefônica ou do índice de um livro

6 Paulo Freire Brazilian educator and theorist of critical pedagogy, born in Recife in 1921 and died in São Paulo in 1997 Paulo Freire contributed a philosophy of education that came not only from the more classical approaches, but also from modern Marxist and anti-colonialist thinkers. His Pedagogy of the Oppressed, published in 1970, emphasized the need to provide native populations with an education which was simultaneously new and modern (rather than traditional) and anti-colonial (not simply an extension of the culture of the colonizer). Freire is best-known for his attack on what he called the "banking" concept of education, in which the student was viewed as an empty account to be filled by the teacher. Freire's work placed this concept in context with current theories and practices of education, laying the foundation for what is now called critical pedagogy.

7 Paulo Freire Localize as seguintes informações no texto:
1. Local de nascimento 2. Idade de Freire ao falecer 3. Área de contribuição como teórico 4. Ano de publicação de seu mais conhecido livro 5. Tipo de educação pregada em sua obra 6. Concepção bancária da educação 7. Conceito originou que movimento

8 Soviet psychologist, born in 1896 and died in 1934
Homework Lev Vygotsky Soviet psychologist, born in 1896 and died in 1934 A pioneering psychologist, Vygotsky was also a highly prolific author: his major works span 6 volumes, written over 10 years, from his Psychology of Art (1925) to Thought and Language (1934). Vygotsky's interests in the fields of developmental psychology, child development, and education were extremely diverse. His innovative work in psychology includes several key concepts such as psychological tools, mediation, internalization, and the zone of proximal development. Scaffolding is a concept closely related to the idea of ZPD. His work covered such diverse topics as the origin and the psychology of art, development of higher mental functions, philosophy of science and methodology of psychological research, the relation between learning and human development, concept formation, interrelation between language and thought development, play as a psychological phenomenon, and the study of learning disabilities. From Wikipedia

9 Scanning - Lev Vygotsky
Localize as seguintes informações no texto: 1. Nacionalidade 2. Idade ao falecer 3. Número de volumes de sua obra 4. Ano de publicação de seu livro Thought and Language 5. Principais áreas de interesse 6. Principais conceitos na área de psicologia 7. Significado da sigla ZPD 8. Conceito relacionado a ZPD

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