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Dept of Curriculum & Instruction

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1 Dept of Curriculum & Instruction
Our Living Language Luciana C. de Oliveira Assistant Professor Dept of Curriculum & Instruction Purdue University

2 Where it all started: Dinner with Marlene Lomando and Lafayette Partners!
June 2008

3 Trip to Rio Grande do Sul
June 30-July 13, 2009 Goals: to strengthen the professionalization of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) educators from Rio Grande do Sul (RS); to address the annual meeting of the largest language teachers conference (APIRS) in Rio Grande do Sul on new methodologies in practice in Indiana and the US; to gain insights into the current educational practices of EFL teaching and learning in the Brazilian context.

4 Cultural Experiences Viniculas (Wineries) Parrillada Shopping!
Cuca at PUC Um Araraquarense em Bento Gonçalves!

5 Gramado & Canela Porto Alegre Bento Gonçalves

6 Ba Erva Linguistic Experiences Pechar Parrillada Tchê
Português acadêmico Linguistic Experiences Pechar Charque Pechada Parrillada Tchê Ba Erva


8 Luciana, Luis Fernando Verissimo, and Claudio Glauche

9 Thanks for helping me complete my travel grant application!
Ana Isabel Krziminski Partners RS President Jhani Laupus Partners IN President Leslie Barratt Partners IN Board member & TESOL friend!

10 Thanks to my hosts Marlene and Sergio Lomando!
Dr. Sergio Eduardo and Marlene Thanks to my hosts Marlene and Sergio Lomando! Lu, Marlene & Taiki

11 Thanks to all who were involved!

12 For your help and assistance!
Thanks to all of the RS Companheiros For your help and assistance! For being extremely caring and thoughtful! Yamil (taking the picture!) Elaine Schenkel Daisy Farias Beatriz Glauche Vanda Piuma and Nara Finco Lucia Helena A. Lima

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