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Present Perfect.

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1 Present Perfect

2 1. Conjugação (verbo de exemplo ‘stop'):  
I/you/we/they have stopped He/she/it has stopped As contrações são: I've, you've, we've, they've he's, she's, it's 2. Usamos o "Present Perfect Tense" para nos referirmos a algo que aconteceu no passado, mas que mantém algum tipo de conexão com o presente. O verbo principal encontra-se no "Past Participle“ (verbo+ed ou verbo na 3ª coluna da lista. Quando usamos o "Present Perfect", estamos pensando no passado e no presente ao mesmo tempo. I've broken my arm. (=My arm is broken now.) (Eu quebrei minha perna.)

3 3. Usamos o "Present Perfect Tense" para afirmarmos e/ou perguntarmos/negarmos se algo já aconteceu alguma vez, se já aconteceu antes, se nunca aconteceu, se aconteceu até certa data, se não aconteceu até certo período, se algo ainda não aconteceu. Have you ever seen Elvis Presley? (=você já viu, alguma vez, o Elvis?) I've never seen Elvis Presley. (=eu nunca vi Elvis Presley) I think I've already done it. (=eu acho que eu já fiz isso)

4 Infinitive Past Past Participle Translation be (am,is,are) was,were been ser,estar become became tornar-se begin began begun começar buy bought comprar choose chose chosen escolher come came vir do did done fazer drive drove driven dirigir eat ate eaten comer find found encontrar get got got/gotten obter/ficar have had ter know knew saber/conhecer learn learnt/learned aprender leave left deixar,sair,partir make made meet met encontrar,se conhecer see saw seen ver speak spoke spoken falar take took taken pegar,tomar,levar tell told contar think thought pensar understand understood entender win won vencer write wrote written escrever

5 Let’s Practice! see buy dropped fallen find lived taken
1 Complete the table. base form simple past past participle see buy dropped fallen find lived taken

6 2 What has happened? Complete the sentences:
1 The woman 2 The girl 3 The man 4 The boy

7 3 Look at the table and complete the information
3 Look at the table and complete the information. Then write questions and answers. Have you ever... Sam Helen bought a camera? Y N eaten Japanese food? Y N seen a banana tree? Y N lived by the ocean? Y N fallen off a bike? Y N

8 Ex.: Sam / buy Has Sam ever bought a camera? Yes, he has. 1 Helen / eat 2 Helen / see 3 you / live 4 Sam and Helen / fall

9 4 When Andy visits a new place, he always buys a souvenir.
1 Judy Rio de Janeiro? Andy 2 Judy New York City? 3 Judy Quito? 4 Judy Honolulu?

10 5 - The following people have “just” completed an action.
Bob / visit / his grandma. Jimmy / play / in the computer. Sue and Walter / wash / their car. Andrew / repair / his bike. 5. Tom and Alice / be / at a restaurant.

11 6 - In a contest, people get the chance to do something they've “never” done before. This is what the participants told the jury: 1 Fergal / never / sail / in the Pacific. 2 Jason / never / watch / a world-cup final. 3 Connor / never / be / to Canada. 4 Clare / never / meet / Mickey Mouse. 5 Lisa and Holly / never / cycle / around Europe.

12 7 - Write questions in present perfect simple. Use “ever”.
1 you / answer / the question. 2 Walter / call / us. 3 Jenny / lock / the door. 4 you and your family / be / to London. 5 Maureen / watch / this film.

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