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Gas Marketing Agreement

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1 Gas Marketing Agreement
ENRON - ENAP Field Development Gas Marketing Agreement March 2001

2 Summary Presentation about Enron Enron’s Investments
Enron in Argentina Proposal to ENAP 1

3 PRESENTATION Enron’s Global Presence Enron around the World
Enron’s Presence in Latin America Enron in Latin America Enron’s Presence in the South Cone Enron in the South Cone PRESENTATION 2

4 Enron is one of the leading natural gas companies in the world, present in more than 30 countries, whose total assets exceed US$23 Billion. Enron has broad experience in all energy sectors and is well known as a first mover in creating and expanding markets. Enron’s worldwide services include exploration, production, and distribution of natural gas, as well as construction, operation, and financing of energy facilities, such as pipelines and power plants. In addition to these services, Enron also manages energy commodities and provides risk management in emerging markets. GLOBAL PRESENCE 3

5 ENRON AROUND THE WORLD 4 Projects in Operation or In Construction
Houston Calgary Latvia Moscow Oslo Bitterfeld Marmara Sardinia Mumbai Dabhol Qatar Dubai Maputo Uzbekistan Beijing Kuznetsk Basin Novokuznetsk Galilee Basin Australia Sutton Bridge Haikou City Hainan Island Singapore Brisbane East Java Poland Jakarta Batangas Manila Subic Bay Toronto Dominican Republic Port of Spain Kingston Guatemala Buenos Aires Caracas Promigas Pipeline Teesside London Paris La Paz Santa Cruz Cemat TRSA GTB GOB Sao Paulo Gasoducto Bolivia/Brasil Mozambique Pipeline TGS Bogota Puerto Rico Centragas Campo Grande Johannesburg Turkey Jordan Saudi Arabia Tamil Nadu Croatia Delhi Vietnam Guam Songyu Xiamen Zhaoyin Saipan Ivory Coast Portland CEG/RIOGAS Projects in Operation or In Construction Projects in Development Power Plants Pipelines Main Oil & Gas Assets Primary Processing Power Plants Storage Facilities LNG or LPG Facilituies Liquids Storage Facilities Clean Combustibles Facilities Other E & P Power PLants Methane (Coal) LNGor LPG Facilities International Representation 4

Enron is one of the leading energy companies operating in South America, mainly in natural gas. Enron is present in 8 Latin American countries, where total assets equal US$ 3 Billion. Enron owns 15,206 kilometers of South American oil and natural gas pipelines and is the pioneer in the creation of wholesale merchant transactions in Argentina and Brazil. Enron participates in nine local gas distributors (LDC’s) and one power LDC, serves more than 2.0 million customers and counts with exclusive franchises to serve 60.0 million people. Enron has ownership in the first privatized pipeline and in the first independent power project (Proyecto Integrado de Cuiaba) in Brasil. PRESENCE IN LATIN AMERICA 5

7 Projetos de Exportação Gasoduto Bolivia/Brazil Gasoduto Transportadora
ENRON IN LATIN AMERICA Honduras 180 MW Accro 3&4 Usinas de Gás/ Dutos Dominican Republic 185 MW Puerto Rico 507 MW Gasoduto Centragás 357 milhas Projetos de Exportação de GPL Ventane Distribuição de GPL Gasoduto Promigas 1062 milhas Entercol Marketing JV Camisea Salvador Cuiabá 480 MW Thermoelectric In Service In Development Commercial Activities In Progress In Development Gasodutos Transredes 3,093 milhas Gasoduto Bolivia/Brazil 1875milhas CEG/Riogas Distribuição de Gás Pipelines In Service or In Construction In Development Offices Bogotá Buenos Aires Caracas Guatemala City La Paz Río de Janeiro Salvador San Juan Santa Cruz Santo Domingo São Paulo Gasoduto Transportadora de Gas del Sur 4,104 milhas LNG Facilities In Development 6

Enron supports the regional integrated energy processes, whose purpose is the integral development of the energy sector and the feasible allocation of energy resources, which result from private investment. Enron promotes guarantee in the supply of energy to sustain regional economic development and strengthen the reliability in the integrated energy processes, the competitive frame, and the free access to transportation capacity and markets. Enron’s investments support the development of the privileged geographical position of Bolivia in the Mercosur, which can become the strategic hub of the regional energy integration. PRESENCE IN THE SOUTHERN CONE 7

Cuiabá 350 700 MATO GROSSO DO SUL B R A Z I L SANTA CRUZ B O L I V I A A R G E N T I N A Kilometers Belo Horizonte Vitória Rio de Janeiro Curitiba Brasília GOIÁS MINAS GERAIS ESPÍRITO SANTO RIO DE JANEIRO BAHIA PARANÁ RIO GRANDE DO SUL A T L A N T I C O C E A N Porto Alegre SANTA CATARINA U R U G U A Y Santa Cruz de La Sierra P A C I F I C SERGIPE ALAGOAS PERNAMBUCO La Paz Asunción Montevideo Buenos Aires Santiago C H I L E P E R U RONDÔNIA Porto Velho TOCANTINS 480 MW Power Plant and 390 Mile Pipeline Gasoducto Transredes 3.093 millas TGS 4.104 miles Gas/Power Trading Projects/Businesses Under Construction Existing Assets and Operations PARAÍBA Emsergás 0,1 MMcm/d 18 customers Algás 0,3 MMcm/d 5 customers PBGás Compagás CEG/Riogás LDCs 3,3 MMcm/d customers Campo Grande São Paulo SCGás Bahiagás 1,6 MMcm/d 21 customers Copergás 0,5 MMcm/d 37 customers SÃO PAULO Florianópolis Bolivia-Brasil 1.864 millas Elektro 1,6 Million customers GWh Main Investments GTB/TBG CEG/Ríogás GasPart (7 gas LDCs) Cuiabá IPP Gas/Power Marketing Employees Companies in Operation: 4,800 Commercial ESA: 8

10 ENRON’S INVESTMENTS Transportadora de Gas del S.A.
Local Distribution Companies (LDC’s) in Brasil Elektro Area in Sao Paulo State Hidrocarbon Transportation System of Transredes S.A. Bolivia – Brasil (BB – PL) Pipeline Cuiabá I, Pipeline & Thermoelectric Projects in Development ENRON’S INVESTMENTS 11

GASODUCTO NEUBA II NEUBA II GAS PIPELINE TGS Statistics 6,819 km of pipeline 2.0 Bcf/d peaking capacity 1,100,000 TM gas & liquids processign capacity Privatized in 1992 98% of the contracted capacity are long term fixed contracts, under a fixed price. Shareholders: Enron 35%, Perez Companc 35%, State 30% COMPLEJO CERRI PROCESSING PLANT GASODUCTO DEL OESTE (NEUBA I) WESTERN GAS PIPELINE GASODUCTO GRAL. SAN MARTIN GRAL. SAN MARTIN GAS PIPELINE TGS represents almost 60% of the Argentinean natural gas transportation market 12

12 GAS LDC’s IN BRASIL 1997 Statistics 41.5 % ownership
Population Santa Ines South Atlantic Ocean PARAGUAY Para Mato Grosso Mato Grosso do Sul Goias Tocantins Maranhao Piaui Ceará Paraiba Pernambuco Bahia Sergipe Alagoas Minas Gerais São Paulo Paraná Rio Grande do Sul Santa Catarina do Norte SCGás Compagás Bahiagas Emsergas Algás Copergás PBGas Rio de Janeiro Espirito Santo CEG Riogás GDP (million) (US$ bil) State LDC GASPART Northeast Bahia Bahiagás 12.7 36.5 Pernambuco Copergás 7.5 18.8 Alagoas Algás 2.6 5.2 Sergipe Emsergás 1.7 6.6 Paraíba PBGás 3.3 6.4 South Paraná Compagás 9.1 46.2 Santa Catarina SCGás 4.9 25.2 CEG/RIOGÁS Southeast Rio de Janeiro CEG/Riogás 13.6 91.7 41.5 % ownership GasPart 17% State-owned % Control CEG % - Fed Gov34.5%: Rio Gas % CEG/Riogás GasPart Statewide Disco’s Gas Fields Oil Fields/Associated Gas BBPL Petrobrás Pipelines GasPart Pipeline 13

13 ELEKTRO – AREA Sao Paulo State Population: 37 million people
VOTUPORANGA ITAPEVA ITANHAÉM ATIBAIA RIO CLARO ANDRADINA GUARUJÁ State of Sao Paulo Sao Paulo State Population: 37 million people 96,000 squaredmiles 98 GDP = US$ 290 Billion (35% of Brazil) Area de Concesión US$ 600 million in revenues 7th largest LDC in Brasil 47,000 sq. miles 1.6 million customers Population: 5.2 million people 2,300 employees 14

14 Hidrocarbons Transportation System
Vital Statistics 3,500 km of Pipeline 2,500 km Oilducts Employees 460 Market Capitalization $ MM References Pipelines Oilducts GTB GOB 15

15 Bolivia-Brasil (BB-PL) Pipeline
Camisea * Based on 80% of investment in Brazil, 20% in Bolivia Bolivia-Brasil (BB-PL) Pipeline 16 Campo Grande Corumba Roboré Carrasco Cuiabá Arica SCZ Oruro Río de Janeiro Córdoba Yacuiba Sica Sica Statistics 3,100 km of pipeline 1 Bcf/d capacity Phase I completed March 1999 Phase II completed Q1 2000 Shareholders % Bol Bra Ave* Enron/Shell/Bol Petrobrás BTB BB-PL In Construction

16 Cuiabá I, Pipeline and Thermoelectric
Cuiabá I Statistics 480 MW in 3 Phases Phase I MW Q1 99 Phase II MW Q2 00 Phase III MW Q4 00 Pipeline km, 18 inches MT ‘98 Peak Demand = 578 MW MT ‘02 Peak Demand = 817 MW B R A S I L Pipelines in Operation BB-PL Cuiabá Spur Pipeline Cáceres Roboré San Matías Cuiabá I 480 MW GOB 17

17 Projects In Development Companies In Operation PROJECTS IN DEVELOPMENT
Cuiabá 350 700 MATO GROSSO DO SUL B R A Z I L SANTA CRUZ B O L I V I A P A R A G U A Y A R G E N T I N A Kilometers Belo Horizonte Vitória Janeiro Rio de Curitiba Brasília GOIÁS MINAS GERAIS ESPÍRITO SANTO RIO DE JANEIRO BAHIA PARANÁ RIO GRANDE DO SUL A T L A N T I C O C E A N Porto Alegre SANTA CATARINA U R U G U A Y Santa Cruz de La Sierra P A C I F I C SERGIPE ALAGOAS PERNAMBUCO La Paz Asunción Montevideo Buenos Aires Santiago C H I L E P E R U RONDÔNIA Porto Velho TOCANTINS Projects In Development Companies In Operation PARAÍBA Campo Grande São Paulo SÃO PAULO Florianópolis RioGen 960 MW Puerto Suarez 150 MW Cuiabá II 480 MW PROJECTS IN DEVELOPMENT 18

18 ENRON IN ARGENTINA Enron’s Presence in Argentina
Natural Gas Marketing in Argentina Eletric Energy Marketing in Argentina. 2

19 Enron’s Presence in Argentina
Marketing and Trading of Natural Gas and Power Transportation of Natural Gas Enron International Argentina S.A. Enron Comercializadora de Energía Arg. S.A. Enron Pipeline Co. Arg. S.A. Transportadora de Gas del Sur S.A. Engineering Services and Project Management Water Services and Treatment Enron Engineering & Construction Div. Obras Sanitarias de Mendoza S.A. Azurix S.A.

20 Enron’s Presence in Argentina
Enron holds 35% of Transportadora de Gas del Sur common stock since Also, Enron is the Technical Operator. Enron was registered as Marketer of Natural Gas in ENARGAS in 1995 and in the Energy Secretary in 1996. Enron belongs to the consortium of Aguas de Mendoza since 1998 and Azurix (Obras Sanitarias de Buenos Aires since 2000). Enron participates in the project management of the General Cerri gas plant expansion since 1996. Enron participates in the project management of Entrerriano pipeline construction since 1998.

21 Natural Gas Marketing Activities in Argentina
Out of the total natural gas volumes, 32% are marketed and sold through physical and commercial bypass. This volume is composed of around 90 industrial companies and power plants. Enron participates in 5% of this market. Enron has firm transportation capacity contracts with TGS for a period of 10 years. Enron manages and provides services of natural gas and firm and interruptible transportation to customers from the following industrial sectors: Aluminum Eatable Oils Textiles Mining Electric Power Generation Total volume equals m3/day

22 Electric Energy Marketing Activities in Argentina
Enron registered as a Power Marketer in April 1998. Enron is the first independent Power Marketer in Argentina. Enron signed a marketing agreement to provide 33 MWs. Enron created the first financial swap for 10-MW, the first one in Argentina. Today, Enron markets approximately 110 MW of capacity. Enron acquired a 70 MW generating power plant in Córdoba Province to increase power marketing activities in the region.

23 Main Characteristics of the Natural Gas Marketing Agreement

24 Field Development Gas Supply Agreement
Field: To be defined. Buyer: Enron Seller: Enap Term: 10 years. Start Date: 2002 subject to Enap deliverability. Daily Contractual Quantity (DCQ): On incremental basis. Delivery Point: TGS system or any other to be defined by the parties. Liquids: Buyer will process all available liquids . Transport Risk: Seller will bear the risk up to Delivery Point and Buyer will bear the risk after Delivery Point.

25 Field Development Gas Supply Agreement
Price: The price will be fixed on a yearly basis. DCQ (MM m3/d) TOP(MM m3/day) Annual Price ($/MM Btu)

26 Field Development Gas Supply Agreement
Make-Up: 2 years. Buyer will have the right to recover volumes not taken during those 2 years. Take or Pay (TOP): the TOP will be calculated on an annual basis. Seasonal Structures: Buyer will accommodate seasonal structures based upon demand and Enap´s deliverability. Incremental on annual DCQ : Buyer will have an option to increase annual DCQ upon Enap´s deliverability. Notification: Seller will notify Buyer with 60 days in advance to increase annual DCQ.

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