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ESTRATÉGIAS DE LEITURA READING STRATEGIES Fazer previsões do conteúdo do texto a partir da análise de títulos, gráficos, ilustrações, etc e do acionamento.

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Apresentação em tema: "ESTRATÉGIAS DE LEITURA READING STRATEGIES Fazer previsões do conteúdo do texto a partir da análise de títulos, gráficos, ilustrações, etc e do acionamento."— Transcrição da apresentação:

1 ESTRATÉGIAS DE LEITURA READING STRATEGIES Fazer previsões do conteúdo do texto a partir da análise de títulos, gráficos, ilustrações, etc e do acionamento do conhecimento de mundo e conhecimento prévio(previous knowledge) do assunto pelo leitor; concentrar a atenção nas palavras cognatas e deduzir o significado de palavras desconhecidas a partir do contexto ;

2 fazer uma leitura rápida para verificar a idéia central do texto sem se preocupar com o conhecimento isolado de cada palavra ou com vocabulários desconhecidos (skimming) procurar informações específicas (scanning) reconhecer os NOUN PHRASES a fim de melhor entender o texto apresentado

3 ESTUDO DA LÍNGUA ESCRITA PREPARAÇÃO PARA A HABILIDADE DA LEITURA Interação entre leitor, texto, contexto Sujeito ativo, bom usuário de estratégias, construtor de significados fazendo inferências e interpretações

4 Air Pollution The air we breathe in many cities is being polluted by activities such as driving cars and trucks; burning coal, oil, and other fossil fuels; and manufacturing chemicals. Air pollution can even come from smaller, everyday activities such as dry cleaning, filling your car with gas, and degreasing and painting operations. These activities add gases and particles to the air we breathe. When these gases and particles accumulate in the air in high enough concentrations, they can harm us and our environment. More people in cities and surrounding countries mean more cars, trucks, industrial and commercial operations, and they generally mean more pollution.

5 Air pollution is a problem for all of us. The average adult breathes over 3,000 gallons of air every day. Children breathe even more air per pound of body weight and are more susceptible to air pollution. Many air pollutants, such as those that form urban smog and toxic compounds, remain in the environment for long periods of time and are carried by the winds hundreds of miles from their origin. Millions of people live in areas where urban smog, very small particles, and toxic pollutants pose serious health concerns. People exposed to high enough levels of certain air pollutants may experience burning in their eyes, an irritated throat, or breathing difficulties. Long-term exposure to air pollution can cause cancer and long-term damage to the immune, neurological, reproductive, and respiratory systems. In extreme cases, it can even cause death.

6 Friday, Sep. 16, 2006 Can Vegetables Curb Pancreatic Cancer? By Coco Masters | PermalinkCoco MastersPermalink Mom really did mean well when she tried to disguise the taste of brussel sprouts and broccoli to coax us into eating them - a fact confirmed by the results of University of California, San Francisco. Vegetables (particularly cruciferous and "yellow" ones) could reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by up to 50% and that's good news about a largely untreatable disease that is difficult to diagnose and kills 30,000 Americans annually.

7 Researchers conducted a case-control study that compared the diets of 532 pancreatic cancer patients with that of 1,700 randomly selected cancer-free participants in a control group reflecting a similar age and gender range. After interviewing participants about their diet in the year preceding the interview, researchers found that those who reported eating at least five servings a day of certain vegetables or vegetables and fruit combined had a 50% lower risk of pancreatic cancer compared with those who ate two servings per day or less. (An example of one serving is one half-cup of cooked vegetables or two cups of leafy salad.)

8 Most beneficial were yellow vegetables - such as carrots, sweet potatoes and corn - as well as beans, garlic, onions and leafy and cruciferous vegetables. Researchers say that preparation might affect the results as well, with raw vegetables providing greater benefit than cooked or fried vegetables. The researchers admit that studies with different designs-specifically prospective studies that have looked at the relationship between the consumption of fruit and vegetables and pancreatic cancer-have not found a significant association, and they emphasize that more research is needed. But they maintain that the correlation they found between vegetable consumption and the reduced risk of pancreatic cancer is statistically significant.

9 ANSWER IN PORTUGUESE: a)De que se trata o texto acima? b) Que tipo de texto é esse? c) O que foi descoberto a partir de pesquisas realizadas na Universidade da Califórnia, em São Francisco? d) Quantos pacientes participaram do estudo de caso? e) Após esse estudo, chegou-se a que conclusão?

10 FIND IN THE TEXT SYNONYMS FOR THESE WORDS: a) casually - b) control - c) persuade, induce - d) camouflage - e) illness – ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS IN ENGLISH BASED ON THE TEXT ABOVE: Among other things, what should a person do in order to avoid having pancreatic cancer? Did the research come to an end? Justify your answer with a sentence of the text.

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