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AS-Interface was developed to minimize the costs of connecting sensors, actuators and integrated systems to the first control level. 11 companies created.

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Apresentação em tema: "AS-Interface was developed to minimize the costs of connecting sensors, actuators and integrated systems to the first control level. 11 companies created."— Transcrição da apresentação:

1 AS-Interface was developed to minimize the costs of connecting sensors, actuators and integrated systems to the first control level. 11 companies created the concept, setting themselves the following targets: - low cost - easy to use - flexible networking - simple electronics interface - power and data over unshielded 2-wire cable - reliable in an industrial environment - real-time system The results of the develpment have been opened to all interested companies. AS-Interface (As-I) 1

2 small sensors and actuators AS-Interface level: field level:
AS-Interface: diretamente ou juntamente com outros barramentos (fieldbus) Slave Master CAN DeviceNet FIP Interbus Profibus etc. small sensors and actuators AS-Interface level: field level: control level: PLC, PC, IPC, ... In industrial automation there are different levels of networking, with different requirements regarding data quantity and speed. Existing fieldbusses connect to high level industrial components like PLC, drives etc. AS-Interface meets the demands of the lowest level of industrial automation: - bit data only - fast and secure - built for rough environment - easy and cost-reducing installation and start-up AS-Interface is NOT a competitor to common field-buses. AS-Interface is a complementary system to them. The master may be either part of the first control level (left) or - by working as a coupler - part of a fieldbus network 3

3 tradicional com AS-I Instalação Master
AS-Interfaces changes the installation technology: PLC with AS-Interface master instead of I/O-cards, no or reduced service cabinets: therefore lower demand on space 2-wire cable instead of a cable tree: therefore less material, less space requirements for cabling, more transparent wiring piercing technology: therefore no de-manteling of the insulation, no mounting of sockets, etc. modules, slaves and branching components in IP67: therefore no terminal boxes, reduced numbering of cables and wires simple documentation tradicional com AS-I 4

4 cabo identificados mecanicamente - 1 par para alimentação e dados
De simples Instalação cabo identificados mecanicamente par para alimentação e dados Conectores Vampiros - simples & seguros Escravos Conectados diretamente - sensores, atuatores - terminais de válvulas - outros modulos cabo Conectores vampiros escravo 5

5 Até 4 sensores ou/e 4 atudores
Existem módulos para conectar sensores e atuadores convencionais D0 = sensor 1 D1 = sensor 2 D2 = atuator 1 D3 = atuator 2 P0 Até 4 sensores ou/e 4 atudores alimentação Escravo AS-I 1 módulo Uma conexão Watchdog With AS-Interface you have “modules” to connect conventional sensors and actuators the network. The figure shows schematically a 2I/2O module. It contains an AS-Interface IC which gets the switching signal from (in this case) 2 sensors and sends the switching signal to 2 actuators. Up to 4 input and 4 output signals are possible in bi-directional modules (up to 248 binary signals in one net). Plants are mostly constructed with modules, if cost reduction in planning, installation, commissoning and documentation are the primary point of view. 6

6 uma conexão 1 módulo Escravo com funcionalidades extras
D0 = switching D1 = warning D2 = enable D3 = testing P0 = timer P1 = inverting P2 = distance P3 = special function Sensor ou Atuator energy Escravo AS-Interface 1 módulo uma conexão AS-Interface offers highly integrated electronics with low space requirements ( <2 cm³ ). Therefore it can be integrated into small sensors and actuators to give them slave capabilities. more data about the state of the application parametrising and monitoring of slaves sensors and actuators up tp IP 67 diagnostics up to the slave (not only up to the module) Benefits for user : precise and complete diagnostics flexible reaction to all operating conditions interoperability product change by change of the SW decentralized structures switching in the field, not in service cabinets Escravos podem ter funcionalidades adicionais, tais como parametrização e diagnóstico 7

7 Diversas topologias de rede
Estrela Linha Barramento s t a r l i n e b c h o M S v Árvore AS-Interface has tree-structure. It allows to adjust the wiring to the needs of the machine or plant. The slave have not to be put on a line or in a circle. The cables don’t need a terminating resistor. The maximum length is 100 m, including all cable pieces. Networks with more than 100 m can be built wih repeater. Up to 2 repeaters can be used in series (300 m). Several parallel branches may use repeaters. A large distance between a master and the rest of the network can be overcome by an extender, its max. distance depending on its working principle. 8

8 Conectar um novo escrav Conectar uma nova linha
Expansão Conectar um novo escrav simple ! Conectar uma nova linha Slave Slave Slave Slave Due to the tree-structure and the individuell addresses new slaves or a complete new branch may be introduced into the system at any time. Configuring the changed system is the job of the master! Slave 9

9 Produtos Mestre plc/pc gateways accessorios Módulos I/O fontes
There is a large range of products around AS-Interface: Masters: single and Multi-Master for PLC, PC, VME-Bus, Controller Gateways : for Interbus-S, Profibus-DP und -FMS, Modbus, Modbus+, CAN, Device-Net, RS 232, 422, 485, FIP-IO, Light-Bus, Suconet-K Sensors : capacitive, inductive, photo electric, pressure switch, ultrasonic, level switch, flow switch, Pt100 sensors Aktuatoren : pneumatic and hydraulic single valve and valve terminals, motorstarters, signal lamps Control Switches: switches, illuminated switches, key-boards Modules (I/Os): field- (IP67) and cabinet- modules (IP20), inputs and outputs with relay or transistors, modules for hazardous area, modules for valves, analogue I/O, RS232-output Accessories: hand-held addressing units, monitoring SW, Tee pieces, electro-mechanics, isolation monitors, repeaters, training Cables: flat and round cables in different qualities Power Supply Units: single, multi and combi supplies up to 8A for AS-Interface Sistemas Integrados atuatores sensores 10

10 Mestre-escravo The AS-Interface system contains one master and up to 31 slaves. Communications between master and slaves runs cyclically: First the master sends a call to a certain slave. (for example: Hello Slave 3, please set output 2 and send me the status of your 4 data channels). The called slave answers immediately. After a short break the master calls up the slave with the next address. After slave 31 and one additional call the cycle is complete and starts again at slave Unregistered addresses are skipped. Time for one full cycle is 5 ms for a network with 31 slaves including a repeating call (which sometimes happens if the system detects an incorrect telegram). Important for the user: The master organises the date transfer by his own firmware. There is no programming or configuring by the user. To him the master looks very much like a traditional I/O card handling input and output process images! 13

11 Características Mestre Escravo cabo de 2 vias
até 31 escravos em uma linha cada escravo pode ter 4 sensores e 4 atuadores Max. 248 I/O digitais também permite I/O analógico endereçamento automático pelo barramento cabo de 2 vias aimentação + dados max. comprimento: 100 m (300 m com repetidores) topologia de rede livre ciclo < 5 ms AS-Interface transmits 4 data bits for inputs and for outputs to each slave in each cycle. In addition is able to send 4 parameter bits for one slave in each cycle. You can use these parameter bits for example to set remote values of intelligent slaves. Even analogue modules (e.g. modules with analogue inputs or outputs) can be connected to an AS-Interface network. In this case you have to use special software in the control unit. The use of analogue signals is limited for relatively slow varying quantities like temperature or pressure. Normally information and energy are transmitted on the same (yellow) cable. For circuits with emergency shut-off, or if the slave needs more power, you can use an additional power supply with a separate cable (black for DC or red for AC), both of which use the same simple connection system. Most emergency stop systems need to know the correct position of the machine’s components (detected by sensors) in order to restart the machine. With an additional power supply, only the main power to the actuators has to be switched off in an emergency via the black cable. The network itself and the sensor power supply need not be switched off. 14

12 Alta confiabilidade Cada pacote pode ser checado pelo receptor para verificar faltas (paridade) Em caso de falha a repeticção de um pacote consome 150 µs (não afeta o tempo de ciclo) AS-I pode ser usado em ambientes com ruídos eletromagnéticos elevados (inclusive ambientes com inversores de freqüência High data security is assured by checking of telegrams and signal quality: negative puls as startbit positive puls as stopbit alternating puls structure observing of pauses between two signals observing the time dependance of the pulses observing the amplitudes of the pulses securing telegrams by checking the parity timeout checking of telegram length High availabilty of the system is assured by a low figure of faults even under difficult conditions repetition a single teltgram only (in case of a fault) 15

13 AS - International Association e.V. link
structure: Agency: general meeting management, technical commitee, marketing group, working group for developing Slaves/Master profiles Advantages of membership: free technical documentation of AS-Interface, updates advertising and PR joint fairs and seminars common product catalogue fax-on-demand service statistics for manufacturers general support 17 15

14 Alguns membros Gavazzi (CH) Gebauer&Griller (A) Harting (D)
Hengstler (D) HERION (D) Hirschmann (D) Honeywell (CH) HTL Oensingen (CH) ifm electronic (D) Klöckner-Moeller (D) Kostal (D) Kuhnke (D) Lachmann & Rink (D) Leuze electronic (D) Lumberg (D) Lütze (D) Melhardt (D) Mitsubishi (JP) MLS Lanny (D) Murrelektronik (D) Nixdorf Institut (D) Norgren (GB) Omron NL (NL) Pepperl + Fuchs NL (NL) Pepperl + Fuchs (D) Phoenix Contact (D) Puls (D) Pulsotronic (D) Rechner (D) Schaltbau (D) Schiele (D) Schmersal (D) Schneider Electric (F) SGS-Thomson (D) Sick (D) Siemens (D) SMC Pneumatik (D) Stahl Schaltgeräte (D) STZ Göppingen (D) STZ Leipzig (D) STZ Weingarten (D) Technikum Kärnten (A) Technikum Vorarlberg (A) Thomas & Betts L (L) TMG i-tec (D) Toyoda (JP) TU Brno (CR) Turck (D) VEGA B (B) Vega NL (NL) Visolux Elektronik (D) Weidmüller (D) WERMA (D) Wiechers & Partner (D) Wöhner (D) Allen - Bradley (D) Allen - Bradley (USA) Amphenol - Tuchel (D) Andras (D) AUCOTEC (D) Balluff (D) Banner (USA) Baumer electric (CH) Bernstein (D) Bihl + Wiedemann (D) Binder (D) Bosch (D) Brad Harrison / Vogel (D) Bürkert (D) Carinthian Tech Re (A) Crouzet GmbH (D) Datalogic (I) EAO - Lumitas (CH) Eckert & Kälberer (D) Egemin (B) EMC (DK) Endress + Hauser (D) Festo Denkendorf (D) FH Osnabrück (D) Fuji (JP) FZI Karlsruhe (D) 16 18

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