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Prepositions Preposições. Preposições Ligam dois termos Explicam ou completam o sentido.

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1 Prepositions Preposições

2 Preposições Ligam dois termos Explicam ou completam o sentido

3 Preposições About = sobre, a respeito de Above = acima (de) Across = através (de), por, pelo After = depois (de) Against = contra Among = entre, no meio de (vários) Around = ao redor de Before = antes (de) Behind = atrás Below = abaixo (de) Beside = ao lado de Between = entre (dois) By = de, por, até During = durante For = para, durente, por From = de (origem) In front of = em frente de Inside = dentro, do lado de dentro Instead of = ao invés de Near (next to) = perto de Outside = fora, do lado de fora Over = acima (de) Since = desde Through = através de, por, durante Under = embaixo (de), sob Until (till) = até (tempo) Up = para cima With = com

4 In Indicar tempo – meses, anos, séculos, estações do ano, alguns períodos do dia It happened in 1998. She goes to school in the morning.

5 In Indicar lugar – rua, bairro, cidade, estado, país, continente I want to live in Paris. New York is in the United States.

6 In We use in to talk about a place as an area. I've been teaching at a college in London. We use in when talking about a position INSIDE something else.

7 In The clothes are in the closet. He's in the kitchen. She is lying in bed. There was a fire in the fireplace. There is a shark in the water! It was written in the newspaper. Chile is a country in South America. INSIDE

8 On Indicar tempo – dias do mês, dias da semana, datas específicas com a palavra day They play tennis on Sundays. Itll be sunny on Christmas day.

9 On Indicar lugar – nomes de rua, avenidas, praças The Mall is on Madison Avenue. The Hospital is on Sherman Street.

10 On We use on to talk about a place as a surface. I sat down on the sofa. We use on when one thing is ATTACHED to or TOUCHING another.

11 On The book is on the table. Put the magazines on the desk. There is a mirror on the wall. There is a stain on his shirt. he puts plates on the table. There is one candle on the cake. He likes riding on his horse.

12 At Indicar tempo – horas, datas específicas sem a palavra day He gets up at 6 oclock. They visited their parents at Easter.

13 At Indicar lugar – rua com o número, locais específicos They live at 89 Sherman Street. They will be at home tomorrow.

14 At We use at to talk about a place as a point. She waited at the bus stop for over twenty minutes. We use at when talking about positions or locations.

15 At He is at the restaurant. She's at the office. He's at home! They met at a party. He is sitting at the corner. They are sitting at the table. He was standing at the window.

16 Expressões

17 Adverbial Inversion Inversão Adverbial

18 Inversão Adverbial Usada para enfatizar Usada em linguagem formal e literária Advérbio + verbo + sujeito + complemento I have never challenged you. Never have I challenged you.

19 Inversão Adverbial Mais usados – never, seldom, not until, not only, when, no sooner, only then I would never recognize her. Never would I recognize her.

20 Prepositions http://www.autoenglish.org/gr.prep.i.htm

21 at in at on in on

22 Adverbial Inversion 1) He seldom writes to his family. 2) He has rarely visited us. Seldom does he write to his family. Rarely has he visited us.

23 Adverbial Inversion 3) They made the law effective only in this way. 4) I could hardly believe it. Only in this way did they make the law. Hardly could I believe it.

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