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2 Who are we ? A non-profit association which was born from the need to protect and care for abandoned and mistreated animals in our municipality and nearby areas.

3 When was Guadi created ? Legally encorporated in December 2005 (Fiscal no. PT )

4 What do we do ? We protect the rights and welfare of animals.

5 How do we do it ? Managing the Municipal Animal Shelter – CRA under a protocol with the City Hall signed in 2009; Providing treatment for street animals; Neutering and spaying animals.

6 Identifying groups of animals and minimizing feeding needs;
Sourcing temporary foster families for sick animals; Promoting responsible adoption; Providing all types of veterinarian treatments.

7 Com que recursos ? Human Resources : Members Directors Volunteers
Staff Volunteers

8 Financial resources: Members’ quotas; Donations in money and goods;
Protocol with City Hall;

9 Actions taken : Responsible adoption awareness campaigns;
Food collection campaigns in supermarkets; Construction of a purpose-built cat shelter; Expansion and improvement of the Municipal Animal Shelter (from 750 m² to m²).

10 Second-hand goods markets to raise funds;
Visits to the shelter with an educational approach.

11 Ojectives Short to Medium Term: Long Term:
Neutering and Spaying of the entire cat and dog populationf living on the streets of our municipality; Finding new owners for the animals currently at the shelter. Long Term: Contribute to the changing of current laws and mentalities concerning the respect for animals.

12 Contacts : 8900 – 283 Vila Real Santo António guadivrsa@hotmail.com
Rua D. Pedro V, nº 38 – 2º andar 8900 – 283 Vila Real Santo António / facebook.com/guadi.centro.de.animais associacaoguadi.blogspot.com

13 Current Needs (in kind)
Surgical Materials; Building Materials; Wet as well as Dry animal feed; Blankets, beds, huts.

14 Ficha de Inscrição (application form)
Guadi – Centro de Animais Rua D. Pedro V, Nº 38 – 2º andar 8900 – 283 Vila Real de Santo António Contribuinte Nº Contactos: e facebook.com/guadi.centro.de.animais FICHA DE INSCRIÇÃO Sócio Nº _______________ Nome: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Naturalidade: _______________________ B.I.: ______________ de _____ / _____ / ______ Arquivo: ______________ Data Nascimento: _____ / _____ / _______ Profissão: _______________________________ Morada: _______________________________________Código Postal: _______ - ______ ________________________ Telef: _________________ Telem: ___________________ _____________________________________________  Quota – Valor: _________________ Mensal  Trimestral  Semestral  Anual  Morada p/ cobrança: ________________________________________________________________________________ Para Pagamento de Quotas ou Donativos: NIB:  Voluntariado: _____________________________________________________________________________________  Apadrinhamento: _________________________________________________________________________________ Data ____ / ____ / ______ Assinatura: _______________________________________________________

15 Before GUADI management of the shelter



18 After GUADI management of the Shelter

19 The facilities have been improved


21 and the area has been expanded

22 and we wich to continue the good work … THE END


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