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2 A computer is used first as a number processor, to continue to perform accurate and quick computations. Second, as a data processor, to handle, process, and print huge quantities of data. Third, as an information analyser, to aid and improve decision-making. And finally, as a knowledge processor, to make available to the public vast banks of information though electronic channels called networks. Examples of these four major uses are: Adding up the daily transactions at a back (number processing); Printing the change account statements of a major department store (data processing); Projecting sales for an industrial manufacturer (information analysing); planning a vacation schedule (knowledge).

3 VOCABULARY First Second Third To Continue – Continued – Continued To Perform – Performed – Performed Accurate = Quick As A To Handle – Handled – Handled Huge Analyser To Aid To Improve – Improved – Improved Decision-making Avilable Networks

4 VOCABULARY Adding Up To Change – Changed – Changed To Account- Accounted – Accounted To State – Stated – Stated Change Account Statement Vocation Schedulelents Lents Income Tax

5 GRAMMAR Plural of nouns 1. Palavras terminadas em consoantes acrescentamos S. Terminal – teminals Typewriter – typewriters Printer – printers Programmer – programmers 2. Palavras terminadas em s, sh ch, z , o z acrescentamos apenas ES. Box - boxes Lens – lenses Brush - brushes Switch - switches Topaz - topazes Branch branches Hero heroes Obs: Epoch –epochs, radio – radios, piano – pianos.

6 3. Substantivos terminados em Y antecedidos de consoante, substitui-se o Y por IES.
Country – countries. City – cities Company - companies 4. Substntivos terminados em Y precendidos de vogal, acrescenta apenas S. Survey – surveys. Day – days. 5. Palavras terminadas em FE e F substutui-se o F e FE por VES. Knife –knives. Calf – calves. Shelf - shelves Obs: roof

7 6. Substantivos irregulares
Man men Woman women Child children Foot feet Tooth teeth Goose geese Mouse mice, etc. 7. Substantivos irregulares: Information, advice, luggage, baggage, furniture, news, etc. 8. Substantivos de origem estrangeira: Datum data Nucleus nuclei Criteron- critera Synthesis sytheses

8 EXERCISES Give the plural form. Foot __________________ Key - ______________ Datum - _______________ tax – ______________ Inventary - _____________ switch - ___________ Phenomenon - __________________radio - _____________ Technician - ____________ shelf – _____________ Laboratory - _____________ city – ______________ Lens - ________________________ basis - ____________________

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