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SAMSUNG E-FESTIVAL Revelando Talentos Concept Development Casting and Locals Visual Keys Publicity / Press Agency Budget Planning.

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1 SAMSUNG E-FESTIVAL Revelando Talentos Concept Development Casting and Locals Visual Keys Publicity / Press Agency Budget Planning

2 PROJECT OBJECTIVE DEVELOPMENT Launching new talents from Brazilian Popular and Instrumental Music PHASE 01 E-Festival Launch Jun 02 – Jun 05 Press Consultancy Service Samsung E- Festival Campaign Website launch PHASE 02 Subscriptions Jun 02 - Jul 31 Artists and Bands Subscriptions PHASE 04 Popular Voting Aug 20 - Set 05 Ten finalists promotion on web with songs, releases and interviews Popular voting on website and app PHASE 05 Celebration Sep 14 - Oct 31 Winner promotion for each category (Brazilian Popular Music and Instrumental Music) Money prize for the tree best voted in each category Concert tour across tree cities in Brazil for the first place in each category Professional consulting for the first place PHASE 03 Selection Ago 01- Ago 17 Curatorship and jury assessment

3 Campaing overview 2014 June July August September October Phases Phase 01 Launch Jun Phase 02 Submission Jun 02 – Jul 31 Phase 05 Celebration - Concerts 14 | Sep – 31 | Oct TBD Phase 04 Popular Voting 20| Aug - 05 | Set Social Media Campaign based on Facebook + Youtube Coverage in Social Media Digital content Media chanels Video banners Google Adwords and Displays Ads Guitarload– super banner Revista Trip – super banner UOL Rock Gaúcho (PoA) – banner Ibahia.com (Salvador) Revista Folha de SP Revista Serafitna Folha de SP - ¼ of a page / ½of a page Revista Piauí Revista Trip Folha de SP - ¼ of a page Midia Press Radio Eldorado FM – spot 30’' Eldorado FM Cultura FM Cidade Web Rock Itapema (PoA) Phase 03 Selection 01 | Ago –17 |Ago Google Adwords and Displays Ads ShowLivre Folhasp.com – Superbanner Revista Trip – Superbanner UOL – Superbanner Guitarload – Banner | Island | PubliEditorial | Newsletter O Baterista – Banner | Island Território da Música – Superbanner Tenho mais discos que amigos – Leaderboard Move that Jukebox – Leaderboard Mistura Urbana – Leaderboard Facebook - Banner

4 Curator Thomas Roth* Thomas Roth is one of the most relevant personalities to Brazilian music. As a composer, at 80’s, he has his songs recorded by significant Brazilian artists as Elis Regina and Roupa Nova. In the last decade, he has worked as consultant and musical producer. Nowadays he is the owner of a renowned producer of soundtracks for advertising and nationally famous for his work at the TV programs Ídolos, Astros and Qual é seu talento? – Thomas used to be jury and mentor of new talents at these programs. *Curator contracted. Curator function The curator will be responsible for evaluating the inscriptions. He will count on the assistance of two juries – recognized professionals in the area – and will select 05 new talents for each category: Brazilian Popular Music and Instrumental Music. These 10 artists will be submitted to popular vote, which will define the best artist in each category. Estimated number of inscriptions: 2500 artists / groups.

5 Open air in São Paulo September 14 th Artists One of the biggest names from Brazilian Popular Music, Gil is an iconic figure on festivals and technology. Gilberto Gil Hamilton de Holanda** National musician with international prestige as one of the best bandoleiros nowadays. Place suggested Ibirapuera Park | Capacity: 15 thousand people **The instrumental musician Hamilton de Holanda is suggest to play in all concerts with the respectives MPB artists. Ibirapuera is the most important urban park in São Paulo with an area of Km2. Museums, auditoriums, the Bienal are part of the park located in one of the most beautiful and charming region of São Paulo. Concert suggestions *Artists and places under negotiation.

6 Rio de Janeiro – October 17 th Artist Lenine Place BradescoTheatre Capacity: 1060 seating Creative, talented, versatile, Lenine is considered the principal reference for new artists in Brazil. Artist Maria Rita Daughter from the legend singer Elis Regina, Maria Rita has the new Brazilian Popular Music DNA. With a sophisticated talent, she keeps the legacy from her mother. Place Bourbon Theatre Capacity: 1144 seating Concert suggestions *Artists and places under negotiation. Porto Alegre – October 24 th

7 Phase 1 | Media Plan - TBD


9 Press Conference – 05/06

10 Press Conference

11 Press - Clipping na-busca-por-novos-talentos.htmlhttp://www.segs.com.br/informatica-e-ti/ samsung-e-festival-ja-recebeu-inscricoes-de-23-cidades-do-pais- na-busca-por-novos-talentos.html /

12 Press - Clipping

13 clipping Festival_Premiara_Novos_Talentos_da_MPB,682723,3.htmhttp://www.maxpressnet.com.br/Conteudo/1,682723,Samsung_E- Festival_Premiara_Novos_Talentos_da_MPB,682723,3.htm https://twitter.com/PortalMaxpress/status/ https://twitter.com/PortalMaxpress/status/ (antes) apresentar-e-consolidar-estrelas-da-musica-brasileira.htmlhttp://www.rockgaucho.com.br/estrangeiros/samsung-e-festival-revelando-talentos-concurso-via-web-vai- apresentar-e-consolidar-estrelas-da-musica-brasileira.html

14 Key Visual Website

15 Key Visual Mobile SiteMobile App

16 Key Visual Marketing

17 Key Visual Internet Advertisement










27 Budget planning* Public Park right of use – municipal tax by using the public space (São Paulo) U$ ,00 to U$ ,00 Theatre location for indoor presentation (Salvador and Porto Alegre) U$ ,00 for each presentation Visual communication for the open air presentation in São Paulo (stage scenography – depends on the park management and licenses. Each park has it owns rules for brand exposure) U$ ,00 Curator + Artistic (caches, licenses and tax) U$ ,00 Media Plan U$ ,00 *The budget will be confirmed as soon as the contracts with locations, artists, curator, medias and suppliers are conclude.

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