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Unit 8 Present Perfect.

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1 Unit 8 Present Perfect

2 O present perfect é formado por:
Have/has + past participle (done, seen, gone, driven, studied...) I’ve (have) decided to spend Christmas with my family. John’s (has) never seen a nativity scene. Have you ever written a letter to Santa Claus? Ann hasn’t eaten any of the cookies.

3 O present perfect é usado para:
Perguntar sobre experiências, geralmente usando ever: Have you ever seen snow? No, I haven’t. Has she ever given you a present? Yes, she has.

4 Descrever experiências passadas usando already, once, twice etc.
I’ve already dressed as Santa Claus. They’ve decorated the house only once. Veronica’s been to the mall twice this week.

5 Descrever a ausência de experiências usando never, ou not... yet.
We’ve never been to Rio on New Year’s Eve. The kids haven’t opened their presents yet.

6 Observe que nos exemplos dados de uso do present perfect não fica claro nem é importante saber quando a ação aconteceu: I’ve been to New York many times. They’ve never had turkey. Has she ever bought a car? She’s already been asked this question.

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