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Indefinite Pronouns.

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1 Indefinite Pronouns

2 Some algum(s) Some alguma(s) afirmativas pedidos interrogativas oferecimentos

3 Frases afirmativas Exemplos: Paul has some friends. We bought some cars. Peter has sold some computers.

4 Frases interrogativas
Exemplos: Would you like some coffee? Do you want some coffee? oferecimento Do you accept some coffee? May I offer you some coffee? Can you give me some money? pedido Would you give me some help?

5 Any algum(s) Any alguma(s) qualquer interrogativas negativas afirmativas qualquer

6 Frases interrogativas e negativas
Exemplos: Does he have any friends? interrogativas Did you buy any cars? He doesn’t have any friends. negativas Bill didn’t buy any cars.

7 Sentido negativo “Any”pode ser usado com palavras com sentido negativo tais como: never, without, rarely, hardly. Exemplos: I never take any coffee after lunch. She hardly goes to any place without her pistol.

8 Frases afirmativas Exemplos: Cars can be rented at almost any U.S. airport. There are things that any man can do. Any child can learn English.

9 + Afirmativas que negam nenhum No substantivo nenhuma Exemplos: cars
The man has no to sell. reason My uncle gave no for his decision. friends Paul has no

10 Double negatives Exemplos: They had no plans. ou They didn’t have any plans. mas They didn’t have no plans. Impossible!

11 None nenhum Se refere a substantivos citados na frase None nenhuma Exemplos: He has several friends but none of them came. I have done all the tasks but she has done none. None of my children has blonde hair .

12 Every cada Every todo Exemplos: He read every one of my scripts. They were tested in every way. The government changes every five days. He works in that factory every day.

13 Body, One (pessoas) somebody alguém someone anybody
alguém, qualquer pessoa anyone nobody ninguém no one everybody todos everyone

14 Where (lugar) somewhere algum lugar anywhere algum lugar
qualquer lugar nowhere nenhum lugar everywhere todo lugar

15 Thing (coisa) something alguma coisa anything alguma coisa,
qualquer coisa nothing nada everything tudo

16 Else somebody else alguém mais someone else somewhere else
algum outro lugar something else alguma outra coisa anybody else qualquer outra pessoa anyone else anywhere else outro lugar anything else outra coisa nobody else ninguém mais no one else nowhere else nenhum outro lugar nothing else nada mais

17 Complete the sentences using "some" and "any" .
Exercise 1 Complete the sentences using "some" and "any" . 1.There are________good plays in Chicago. 2.There are_______beautiful girls in that room. 3.I didn't receive_____money from him. 4.I didn't tell them about ____of my troubles. 5.Would you like ______information about that? some some any any some

18 f)Here is______news you might be interested in.
g)There are_______Baptist churches in that city. h)I didn't receive______money from that lawyer. i)Paul didn't tell them about ____of his troubles. j)Are you sure there isn’t _____way of solving the problem ? some some any any any

19 Supply "some ", "any", "no" and compounds.
Exercise 2 Supply "some ", "any", "no" and compounds. 1.Is there________you want to ask him? (alguma coisa) 2.She asked me for______money, but I didn't have____. (algum – nenhum) 3.They cannot tell________about her life. (nada) 4.Please! Don't make____noise. _______________ is trying to study. (nenhum – alguém) 5.Did you see my umbrella? I can't find it________. (nenhum lugar) anything some any anything any Somebody/Someone anywhere

20 f)Is there_________ you want to ask about the product? (alguma coisa)
g)I haven’t told_____________. (ninguém) h)The witness cannot tell ________about the crime. (nada) i)There is _______________ outside the house. (alguém) j)________________must have seen what happened. (alguém) anything anyone/anybody anything somebody/someone somebody/someone

21 (UEL) - Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna da frase a seguir.
"Why didn't you buy that sweater? It was such a good offer!" "Because I didn't have money on me.“ a) a b) no c) any d) some e) none Test 1

22 Test 2 (VUNESP) - Assinale a alternativa correta.
Those organisms pose1 ______ danger to human life. 1 pose – apresenta a) any b) none c) no d) not e) no one Test 2

23 (UEL) - Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna da frase a seguir.
I don't like to spend my vacation in the country. There isn't to do. a) some b) anything c) many d) nothing e) everything Test 3

24 Test 4 (FEI) - Complete as lacunas:
- Would you like __________ apples? - No, thank you, I don't want __________ apple. - And you? Yes, I'd like __________. a) some - any - any b) an - any - no c) any - no - some d) some - any - some e) an - some - any Test 4

25 Test 5 (Fuvest) - In the text below
"Miss Emlyn read us some of it. I asked Mummy to read some more. I liked it. It has a wonderful sound. A brave new world. There isn't anything really like that, is there?" [Agatha Christie, Halloween Party, pp.85-86] Choose another way of saying the underlined sentence "There isn't anything really like that." a) There is nothing really like that. b) There aren't many things really like that. c) There aren't no things really like that. d) There is anything hardly really like that. e) There are a few things really like that. Test 5

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