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FEDERAÇÃO PARA A PAZ UNIVERSAL Iniciativa dos Embaixadores para a Paz

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1 FEDERAÇÃO PARA A PAZ UNIVERSAL Iniciativa dos Embaixadores para a Paz
Princípios Básicos

2 Nós ansiamos pelo fim dos confllitos.
Our world today stands at a critical juncture. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many of us shared a hope that a world of peace might finally emerge. But those hopes were quickly dashed with regional struggles in Bosnia, Rwanda, and Somalia. Today, there is conflict in many lands, and every nation faces the threat of terrorism. We are living in the age of the globalization. National economies, transportation, and communications are intimately linked, and regional conflicts are no longer isolated problems. What affects some countries, affects every country. There is no place on earth where we can avoid the consequences of conflict and violence. Yet people everywhere long for an end to conflict.

3 Como realizar nosso sonho de paz? Como realizar o sonho de Deus?
We all share a dream. It's the dream of many patriots. It's the dream of Dr. King, the dream of a color-blind society, the beloved community, a world of justice and peace.

4 Cinco elementos necessários para a paz mundial, baseados em princípios universais: eles são a base para a iniciativa dos Embaixadores da Paz. The fundamental goal of the IIFWP is world peace. World Peace has been the lifelong mission of its founder, the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. IIFWP understands that there are five requirements for establishing a world of peace. These essential elements can be understood as universal principles. These principles are the basis for the Ambassadors for Peace initiative.

5 God is the Parent of Humankind
1º Princípio Universal: Deus é o Pai da Humanidade God is the Parent of Humankind Deus Allá Jeová Pai da Humanidade Tao Javé Última Realidade El Shadai Hananim All people of faith should ponder this, pray about it, wrestle with it, and seriously examine its implications. If this statement is true, that God is the parent of all humankind, then we must see all people as children of God. If we are all children of God, then we are all brothers and sisters. If it is true, then clearly and unequivocally, God is the center point of unity for the human family. A Humanidade é uma Família Humana.

6 Affirmation in faith traditions…
Deus é o Pai da Humanidade Affirmation in faith traditions… Vocês são filhos do Senhor seu Deus. Judaísmo e Christianismo. Bíblia, Deuteronômio 14.1 Pai Nosso que estás no céu, santificado seja o vosso nome Christianismo, Bíblia, Mat. 6.9 Todas as criaturas (humanas) são filhas de Deus, e os mais queridos para Deus são aqueles que tratam Seus filhos amavelmente Islamismo, Hadith de Baihaqi The scriptures of the world’s great religions testify to this truth. We may worship and praise our God in unique ways, hold our particular cultures, languages and traditions. But at the core, we are family. Our social status, political persuasion, religious traditions, nationality, and race cannot change this principle. To accept this basic premise does not demand the full uniformity of our individual beliefs. Our world is now full of division and separation one against the other. But with God the Creator as our center point, we can begin a dramatic transformation.

7 Deus é Eterno, Imutável e Absoluto.
Deus é o Pai da Humanidade Qualities of God… Deus é Eterno, Imutável e Absoluto. É a origem, o eixo e o fundamento da paz. É a fonte do Amor e Valor Incondicional. É a autoridade Moral Absoluta. Incorpora os mais elevados Ideais e Valores Universais. É uma origem comum para toda a Humanidade. Está além da Religião, Raça e Nacionalidade. As God's children, our basic human values are rooted in God's unconditional love. Our value as individuals is rooted in a divine source and our moral principles are based on the recognition that man is not the measure of all things, but our relationships with each other are rooted in something deeper. Since God is our Parent, and we are all brothers and sisters, we can be sure that it is God Himself who desires world peace. Our desire for peace is a reflection of that of our Heavenly Parent.

8 A Consciência “centra em Deus”
Precisa de desenvolvimento e temos que aprender ouvi-la. Indica para o bem maior. Tem sensibilidade inata para a Verdade. Ações governadas por ela conduzem à paz. É a base da alegria verdadeira. We relate to God primarily through our conscience, which naturally guides us toward higher good. Our conscience is our inner voice or inner compass toward living for the higher good. A conscience that is correctly aligned to God’s will becomes innately sensitive to truth, fairness, and justice. A mature conscience guides us to act based on the principle of living for the sake of others. Our awareness of the inner voice of our conscience needs development; we need to learn to “listen” to our conscience.

9 Expressed in humankind.
Deus é o Pai da Humanidade Expressed in humankind. Justiça Compaixão Verdade Through our conscience, our moral compass that directs us toward God, we are naturally led into alignment with Godly attributes. People consistently aligned to God’s will through their mature conscience work for a higher good - to create a world of compassion, a world of kindness, a world of justice and peace. Amor Verdadeiro Retidão

10 2º Princípio Universal:
Os Seres Humanos são Essencialmente de Natureza Espiritual Verdade Beleza Bondade Amor Satisfação Interior Mente Felicidade The second principle affirms that human beings are essentially spiritual in nature. This principle is clear when we examine how we pursue and attain happiness. We can identify two fundamental types of human desires that we seek to fulfill: We naturally desire to satisfy our physical needs and appetites, linked to material values. We seek for food, drink, clothing, and shelter. We also seek to satisfy our spiritual needs and aspirations, linked to spiritual values. Human beings long for truth, beauty and goodness. Genuine happiness can be experienced when our physical and spiritual needs are fulfilled. Comida Habitação Riqueza Conforto Bem-estar Físico Corpo

11 Human beings are essentially spiritual in nature.
2º Princípio Universal: Os Seres Humanos são Essencialmente de Natureza Espiritual Human beings are essentially spiritual in nature. Verdade Beleza Bondade Amor Satisfação Interna Mente Felicidade Many people focus primarily on their material needs, hoping to find deep, lasting satisfaction. However, the satisfaction brought by physical well-being alone is only temporary. Life focused only on material needs ultimately results in disappointment, frustration, and emptiness. The material pursuits in life – money, leisure and security – are essentially means to an end. However, many people consider them the ultimate goals, and they measure others by their material possessions. To find inner satisfaction, people need higher aspirations and a deeper understanding of life’s meaning and purpose. Comida Habitação Riqueza Conforto Bem-estar Físico Corpo

12 Aspirations of all people
Os Seres Humanos são Essencialmente de Natureza Espiritual Aspirations of all people Aspirações de todas as pessoas: Realizar e desenvolver o potencial de seu caráter. Construir relacionamentos amorosos & laços familiares. Fazer a diferença; contribuir para a sociedade. The desire to fulfill these aspirations is within all of us. The extent to which we succeed in these more internal pursuits determines our level of fulfillment and happiness.

13 Os Seres Humanos são Essencialmente de Natureza Espiritual
To fulfill these aspirations is our lifelong endeavor, requiring our investment and effort. We develop our character and realize our potential through the ongoing process of learning and growing. The love we desire is not something that we find, or have, or fall into; rather, love is a “verb” – it is the bond of relationship that we must build, and nurture and invest in. Also each of us ultimately desires to contribute to the greater good, and to create a legacy for the future.

14 3º Princípio Universal:
O Casamento é uma Instituição Sagrada. A Família é uma Escola de Amor. Universal Principle #3 The third principle is that the family is the fundamental unit for building peaceful nations and ultimately a peaceful world. The family transmits values and traditions, but its core role is to cultivate the heart through the many dimensions of loving relationships. In a sense, love is like a language to be learned. Just as immersion in a language is the most effective learning experience, the constant reinforcement and practice of love in the family provides the perfect learning environment. By calling the family the school of love, Rev. Moon elevates the traditional images of the family. When the family is viewed as a cocoon or nest, the focus tends to be on private well-being. To regard the family as the school of love integrates both the private and public functions of the family. Furthermore, the family as the school of love can generate renewal in the community.

15 Os Quatro Reinos do Amor
O Reino dos Filhos O Reino dos Irmãos O Reino dos Cônjuges O Reino dos Pais Family relationships are the most fundamental ones in our life, for through them we learn how to love. Our birth family and the family we create form permanent sets of caring relationships and challenge us to grow in heart. The energy of love needs to be cultivated in certain directions in order for it to blossom into true and lasting love. In the typical course of life, a child grows up among siblings and peers, gets married, and becomes a parent. These are the basic stages we pass through in life. These form the four realms of the heart: child's love, sibling's love, spouse's love and parent's love. All other forms of human love derive from these four types of love. A person's deep inner morality is formed in the four realms of heart. When we create bonds of love with many family members, we develop a well-rounded, balanced character and can relate comfortably with many kinds of people.

16 Virtude Primária do Amor dos Filhos
A Família é uma Escola de Amor. Virtude Primária do Amor dos Filhos Early loving bonds with one’s parents remain influential throughout one’s entire life, and offer a secure base from which to form other significant relationships. Devoção & Respeito

17 Vitude Primária do Amor de Irmãos
A Família é uma Escola de Amor. Vitude Primária do Amor de Irmãos Love among brothers and sisters in the family is the basis for family harmony. Learning to love and embrace others who are different than ourselves can then be extended beyond the family unit. Ultimately we should relate to all human beings as “family”, as “brothers and sisters”. In the family, siblings experience the purity of love between brothers and sisters. Such purity is crucial to healthy relationships between men and women throughout one’s life. Harmonia & Pureza

18 Virtude Primária do amor dos Cônjuges
A Família é uma Escola de Amor. Virtude Primária do amor dos Cônjuges The most important objective for husband and wife is to achieve oneness of heart. Conjugal love is built upon absolute trust and fidelity. The commitment of marriage is the long-lasting foundation for parenthood. The desire for children springs naturally from the love between husband and wife. Fidelidade & Compromisso

19 Virtude Primária do Amor dos Pais
A Família é uma Escola de Amor. Virtude Primária do Amor dos Pais Investimento & Dar Incondicionalmente Parental love is the most demanding of all the realms of heart, requiring constant investment and sacrifice. Parenting calls for unconditional giving, generosity, patience and forgiveness. The parents' most unforgettable gift to their children is their unconditional love.

20 A Família é a Pedra Angular da Paz Mundial
Famílias ligam culturas. Famílias suportam nações pacíficas. Famílias são as bases para a empatia com todas as pessoas. The family is the common experience for people of all cultures. Therefore, the family provides a common ground that can link people from different nationalities, cultures or philosophical traditions. Parents who express true love to their children, who fully manifest the heart of God in their relationships, can be called “true parents”. Loving families are the foundation of a healthy society, and parents are the center and source of such a loving family. Parents are the leaders of the family; parents are the the source of structure and order in the family. In effect the “governance” of the family is based around parents.

21 Expandindo a Família Modelo
From this perspective, the family model of good governance is the parental model. The leader of a city should have the heart of a parent toward his city; the leader of a nation should have the heart of a parent toward his/her nation.

22 Famílias fortes têm um foco além de si mesmas.
A Família é uma Escola de Amor. Famílias fortes têm um foco além de si mesmas. Propósito Altruísta Serviço para a Comunidade. When parents care for their children well, the entire family benefits, including the parents. When families contribute to the welfare of their community, there is mutual benefit for both the community and the family. Individual and collective purposes naturally complement each other. As my family lives for the sake of society, the society prospers and my family shares in its prosperity. As organizations live for the sake of the nation, the nation prospers and so do all the organizations within it.

23 Universal Principle #4: Live for the sake of others.
4º Princípio Universal: Ideal de Deus Viver pela causa dos outros. Universal Principle #4: Live for the sake of others. Indivíduo Todos We first learn to share and live for others in our family. This understanding of the mutual benefit inherent in relationships is the basis for Universal Principle 4. All beings exist and act for the sake of a partner. This means that God created all things to move toward the ideal through the operation of mutual relationships. When the individual serves the whole, the whole benefits and so does the individual. Todas as dimensões da vida expressam relações de “dar e receber.”

24 Dar e receber não tem limites
4º Princípio Universal: Ideal de Deus Viver pela causa dos outros The Path to Peace. O CAMINHO DA PAZ Dar e receber não tem limites The ideal of relationships is to “serve the higher purpose”. The individual lives for the sake of the family. The family serves the community, and by serving this higher purpose also benefits. And so on. As the nation lives for the sake of the world, the world's prosperity extends to all nations. This is the great circle of life - giving and receiving the energy of love. Individual Familiar Comunitário National Mundial

25 4º Princípio Universal:
Ideal de Deus Viver pela causa dos outros Todo homem é responsável pelos outros. Talmud, Sanhedrin 27b Dai, e ser-vos-á dado; ... Porque com a mesma medida que medirdes também vos medirão de novo. Lucas 6.38 Living for others is a common principle in the world’s religions. Dê não com o pensamento para ganhar, e seja paciente pela causa do teu Senhor.  Alcorão

26 5º Princípio Universal:
A Cooperação Inter-religiosa e Internacional são Essenciais para um Mundo de Paz The world is full of ideological and religious/cultural conflicts. The Cold War was a major conflict with ideological origins. Today, we are involved in what has been called the “conflict of cultures”. It appears that cultural differences, rooted in religion, are often the core cause of wars. The unresolved struggles in the Middle East, and the current war against terrorism, have religious roots. In order to resolve these political conflicts, it is imperative to address the religious underpinnings, and to work to achieve interreligious and international cooperation.

27 5º Princípio Universal:
A Cooperação Inter-religiosa e Internacional são Essenciais para um Mundo de Paz Purpose of religion “As Religiões originalmente tinham a missão de reviver a espiritualidade humana, desta forma realizando a vontade de Deus, trazendo a humanidade de volta para Ele…” Religious motivation and calling have the power to move people for profound good… - Rev. Sun Myung Moon

28 …mas as religiões têm abandonado suas missões originais e, ao invés, estão perdidas no pântano do preconceito e conflito. Isto tem chegado ao ponto onde, hoje, nós os vemos sendo usados como ferramentas para carnificinas e guerras.” …but also can spur deep-seated hatred and division.

29 O Desafio para as Pessoas de Fé:
Corajosos líderes religiosos estão emergindo com a determinação de se levantar sobre a base comum e superar as divisões e barreiras que têm separado as pessoas de fé. They are building a growing consensus of leaders who recognize that we must overcome the boundaries of religion, race and ethnicity that have separated us.

30 O Poder da Fé! As tradições de Fé se casam com compaixão, amor pelo próximo, consideração pelos necessitados. O poder para acabar o ciclo de ressentimento, violência, vingança deve vir de uma fonte interna ou espiritual. A mais elevada expressão de amor pelos outros é encontrada no comprometimento em amar o inimigo. While some have used religion for extremist purposes, the true expression of the world’s genuine faith traditions connects to the deepest values of humankind. It is faith that can give people the power and heart of love to overcome even generations of hatred, resentment and violence.

31 Ame seu inimigo! Ouvistes que foi dito: Amarás o teu próximo e aborrecerás o teu inimigo. Eu, porém vos digo: Amai a vossos inimigos, bendizei os que vos maldizem, fazei bem aos que vos odeiam, e orai pelos que vos maltratam e vos perseguem; para que sejais filhos de vosso Pai que está no Céu;… Sede vós pois perfeitos, como é perfeito o vosso Pai que está nos céus. Mateus 5:43-48 Jamais poderão equiparar-se a bondade e a maldade! Retribuí o mal da melhor forma possível, e eis que aquele que nutria inimizade por ti converte-se em íntimo amigo! Alcorão 41.34 This is our mandate, no matter which faith we belong to.

32 Getting rid of enmity. “Nós nunca nos livramos de um inimigo confrontando ódio com ódio; nós nos livramos de um inimigo nos livrando da inimizade.” God’s unconditional love covers us all. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

33 - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Ame seu Inimigo! “Jogue-nos na cadeia, e nós ainda assim amaremos vocês... Batam em nós e nos deixem meio mortos, e nós ainda amaremos vocês. Mas estejam seguros que nós os venceremos pela nossa capacidade de sofrer. Um dia nós deveremos ganhar a liberdade, mas não somente por nós mesmos. Nós queremos também apelar para seu coração e sua consciência que nós os venceremos no processo, e nossa vitória será uma dupla vitória.” - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Let the inspiration of our African-American brothers and sisters strengthen our resolve to choose the way of faith to bring reconciliation.

34 Pioneering interreligious cooperation
A Cooperação Inter-religiosa e Internacional são Essenciais para um Mundo de Paz Pioneering interreligious cooperation The principle of “loving one’s enemy” must be pro-actively applied. That is one way in which Ambassadors for Peace are making a significant difference through the Middle East Peace Initiative

35 Reconciliação – de coração a coração
If we know, not just believe, that we have the same parent,God, and we experience that in the depths of our being, we can call forth the will to reconcile. With the will, together, we can find the way.

36 Os Embaixadores da Paz Afirmam:
Os Princípios Universais da Paz 1. Nós somos uma família humana criada por Deus, a realidade última; 2. As mais altas qualidades do ser humano são espiritual e moral; 3. A família é a “escola do amor e da paz”; 4. Viver pela causa dos outros é o caminho para reconciliar a dividida família humana; 5. A paz vem através da cooperação além das fronteiras étnicas, religiosas e nacionais. Let us work together to build a new world on solid ground.

37 Os Embaixadores da Paz:
AP activities Os Embaixadores da Paz: Iniciam e suportam projetos e programas que: Promovem a educação moral para os jovens; Fortalecem o casamento e a família; Promovem a cooperação e o entendimento interreligioso e interracial; On the basis of these Universal Core Principles, the Ambassador for Peace initiative coalesces leaders working to create peace in our families, in our communities and between religions and cultures. Ambassadors for Peace projects actively promote the implementation of these ideals. Integram o serviço com a educação.

38 Promovem o respeito, a cooperação e a HARMONIA
Os Embaixadores da Paz: Promovem o respeito, a cooperação e a HARMONIA INTER-RELIGIOSA

39 Em mais de 180 países, Embaixadores para a Paz que herdaram a vontade e a tradição do Céu, estão fazendo sérios esforços, dia e noite, proclamando os valores do amor verdadeiro e da família verdadeira. Eles estão avançando com força total para estabelecer a paz nesta terra.

40 Estas pessoas são os … Embaixadores para a Paz.

41 HÁ TRÊS TIPOS DE PESSOAS NESTE MUNDO QUE PODEM FAZER UM MUNDO DE PAZ UMA REALIDADE: 1. Aqueles que inspiram uma visão de paz; 2. Aqueles que pagam para isto; 3. Aqueles que mantém a máquina funcionando. OS EMBAIXADORES DA PAZ FAZEM TUDO ISTO!

42 Que o espírito de Deus ilumine a todos!
Muito obrigado!

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