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Curriculum analysis and design Belinda Maia University of Porto.

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1 Curriculum analysis and design Belinda Maia University of Porto

2 Group work: Search the Internet for examples of curricula of educational institutions that teach –‘Translation’ –‘Interpreting’ –‘Applied Languages’ –‘Intercultural Communication’ –‘Terminology’ –‘Translation Technology’


4 Portuguese universities 1 Universidade Autónoma, Lisboa Universidade Católica, Leiria Universidade Católica, Lisboa Universidade de Coimbra - Curso de especialização Universidade de Évora - bcat=2&submenu=Ensino bcat=2&submenu=Ensino

5 Portuguese universities 2 Universidade de Lisboa - Licenciatura tm tm Pós- graduação mhttp://www.fl.ul.pt/posgraduados/traducao.ht m Universidade Lusófona, Lisboa Universidade do Minho - Línguas Aplicadas

6 Portuguese universities 3 Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Pós-graduação Universidade do Porto Licenciatura au=L au=L Mestrado: Novo Curso Integrado em Tradução Literária

7 Portuguese polytechnics ESE Algarve ESE Bragança ??www.ese.ipb.pthttp://www.ipb.pt ESE Castelo Branco ESE Leiria 493http://www.estg.ipleiria.pt/website/index.php?id=1 493 ISAI ISCAP ISLA

8 Now Design an ideal curriculum that includes technology for translators at: –Undergraduate level –Post-graduate level Adapt this to a POSSIBLE curriculum in your own teaching environment

9 1. How far does a translator need Internet for information retrieval? On-line databases, dictionaries etc.? Corpora and terminology management know-how?

10 2. Which level of familiarity with TT does a translator need Translation processing in programme like SDL Standard version using Edit? Good understanding of how translation software works? Ability to use all tools in translation software?

11 3. When should the following be taught? Localization Sub-titling Dubbing Multimedia web-pages Others AT Undergraduate level? Post-graduate specializations?

12 4. Does a language services provider need to understand Corpora – monolingual, parallel & comparable? Terminology management? Localization? Project management? Natural Language Processing tools? HLT and Language Engineering?

13 5. Who should teach General computer skills? Information retrieval skills? Translation technology? Corpora use? Terminology Management? Localization? Project Management? And When?

14 Further Questions How much technology can or should be integrated into routine translation teaching? How can this be done?

15 FINALLY Remember all this while you participate in the other workshops and observe the translation software demonstrations THEN Re-assess your ideal – or possible – curriculum changes

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