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Augusto P. Campos Desenvolvimento Negócios Cristian Oliveira Especialista em Soluções.

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2 Augusto P. Campos Desenvolvimento Negócios Cristian Oliveira Especialista em Soluções

3 Agenda Intel e indústria de tecnologia Plataformas e novas tecnologias
Servidores, Desktops e Mobilidade Perguntas e Respostas

4 Intel e a Indústria de Tecnologia
CHIPSETS Placas, Servidores e Sistemas Padrões de Indústria SOLUÇÕES Ferramentas de Software Governo está interessado em solução Investimentos da Intel representam 1/3 do total da indústria de semicondutores. A Intel é muito mais que silício. A Intel tem investido centenas de milhões de dólares para estabelecer uma capacidade de geração de solução para a indústria Organizações tem tirado proveito deste investimento para geração de building blocks e padrões de indústria para: redução de custos redução de riscos posicionamento para crescimento + 10 mil engenheiros Intel Capital INTEL SOFTWARE COLLEGE Atuação no OSDL Alianças com ISVs / SIs

5 Evoluindo a Proposta de Valor
’80s-’90s MICROPROCESSADOR PADRÃO (MHz) CUSTO/PERFORMANCE PLATAFORMAS (Valor para o Usuário) CUSTO/VALOR ’00s Evoluindo a Proposta de Valor PERFORMANCE ’60s-’70s Há uma mudança na indústria de tecnologia que vem ocorrendo. Anos 60-70s: Performance era a métrica - mainframes e sistemas proprietários Anos 80-90s: Custo/Performance baseado no processador padrão. PC foi inventado. “one size fits all”. Negócios e consumidor usavam a mesma base de tecnologia. Anos 00s: Estamos liderando uma nova mudança. To Price/Capability/Watt. Low power is becoming more important in the data center all the way to handhelds. New capabilities are important that are targeted to user needs. And for Intel that has led to a shift to delivering Platforms versus just a Microprocessor. The platform is itself uses Multi Core up and integrates other capabilities like communications, manageability, virtualization… TECNOLOGIA PROPRIETÁRIA

6 Intel® Soluções Baseadas em Plataformas
Reduzir Custos Proporcionar Crescimento Reduzir Riscos SSE3 Plataforma Tecnologia HT Gerenciamento Energia PCI Express* Memória DDR2 IAMT Intel EM64T* Virtualização Multi Core RAID What is a platform? It is combination new products and technologies, which are all Designed and validated together to deliver greater end user benefits than just a mixture of technologies. There are plenty of technological benefits of Intel technology, but at the end, IT managers do care about business benefit. [Click] Enable Growth, Increase Productivity, Lower Cost, Mitigate RISC Those are four ultimate benefits, which Intel has in mind, when designing new platforms. Intel takes a holistic view of solutions for business – covering Intel ingredients, third party ingredients, applications, and specialized programs. Intel is uniquely positioned to drive broad adoption of standards based business solutions to our customers. By taking a platform level view of the solution, Intel is able to deliver value beyond just additional GHz / performance. And how do all the new technologies map into that? [Click] Let’s take an example of the technology in each segment: Intel EM64T enables corporate customers to GROW to 64-bit application once available. Demand Based Switching can enable lower cooling costs. SIPP can improve productivity and lower costs. RAS features of new server platforms mitigate the risk of servers going down. RAS features Validação Plataforma Execute Disable Bit Produtos e tecnologias desenvolvidos e validados em conjunto para proporcionar mais benefícios para o usuário final All products and dates are preliminary and subject to change without notice.

7 Posicionamento Platformas Servidor por Workload Baseado no tipo de aplicação e Workload em uma Arquitetura de Aplicação n-Tier Key Azul= Verde= Aqua= Color Blend = More than 1 Platform applicable MP DP HPC BI Large SMP, Large Memory Biz Intelligence Very Large Data Sets OLTP Large OLTP Large Size DB High transaction volumes BI MP Biz Intelligence / SCM Planning ERP Large OLTP Med ERP Medium Back-end for CRM, SCM, ERP Large Data sets Mail Messaging OLTP Mid Size HPC DP Parallel Computing, Clustering Back-end for CRM, SCM, ERP Infra- structure App Tier Directory, DNS, Firewall, Security Web services, caching, proxy ERP, biz logic, app server Work Group File, Print Front-end Camada Aplicação Back-end DP 4P-16P+ 8P- 64P+

8 Desktop - Muito Além do Ghz
High Definition Audio Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900 Hyper-Threading, Dual Core e EM64T Gigabit DDR2 Dual Channel PCI Express* x16 Graphics GMCH SSE 3 Execute Disable Bit Purpose: Help the audience understand that Intel 9xx Express Chipset is introducing a number of exciting new features and interfaces into the desktop PC market in 2004. Starting on the left side top and working our way down: Intro Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900 (or Intel GMA 900): Intel’s 3rd generation graphics engine continues our strategy of utilizing the complete platform to provide excellent visual experience and increased performance for the mainstream segment Key Messages: New graphics core architecture, including DirectX*9 acceleration, is optimized for media applications to deliver incredible visual quality including support for PVR applications, high definition playback, and improved gaming experience. Outstanding solution that enables innovative form factors and entertainment PCs by offering increased graphics capabilities in an integrated platform solution Dual Independent Display option provides multi-monitor capabilities to utilize aging second monitors in the corporate workspace PCI Express x16: New interface for 2004 – with significantly higher bandwidth than the legacy AGP interface, PCI Express x16 will bring new levels of discrete graphics performance to desktop platforms First major system bus architectural change in 10 years Higher bandwidth for a new generation of graphics and multimedia devices Enables a new era of emerging OS and multimedia applications with high resolution, high definition video and production-grade video editing applications Simultaneous data streaming in both directions allows for glitch-less video playback and recording at the same time High Definition Audio: New audio architecture brings enhanced digital audio capabilities for integrated audio (Consumer) Immersive home theater quality sound experience including Dolby 7.1 audio capability (Consumer) Enables new usages with simultaneous audio streams allowing users to play an online game while chatting with other gamers, and the ability to pipe multiple audio streams throughout the home (Consumer) Jack re-tasking capability increases ease-of-use by simplifying audio component installation (Corporate) Provides complete Microsoft stack for base functionality – no reliance on 3rd party drivers Improved user experience for audio needs with jack sensing and OS functionality support (Corporate) Higher bandwidth to support new usages such as speech recognition and Voice over IP (VoIP) Hyper-Threading Technology: Intel 9xx Express Chipset are optimized for Hyper-Threading Technology to provide significant performance gains when used in conjunction with processors that include this feature Dual Channel DDR2-533: Latest memory architecture delivers superior performance Latest advancement in PC memory technology Evolutionary memory technology, enabling higher DRAM density and bandwidth without impacting overall system power consumption Serial ATA ports/AHCI: Additional support for the next generation storage interface as optical devices also transition over to this improved interface. 150MBps transfer speeds for storage file transfers Intel® Matrix Storage Technology: Continuing our success of bringing RAID to the desktop with a cost effective option to our chipset – ICH6R/RW will add RAID1 and AHCI support to the existing capability for RAID 0. It will also enable RAID 0 & 1 to run simultaneously. Increased overall storage performance for media-rich apps such as video editing, games, and CD/DVD authoring. Real-time mirroring of data protects your digital memories from a hard disk drive crash. Support for the latest Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) storage technologies that increase overall disk access times and hot plug capability Intel® Wireless Connect Technology: Simple and flexible wireless solution for the desktop platform allows the sharing PC resources for SMB and home office users Simple connectivity to an existing wireless network Wireless access point option for users without an existing wireless network Transparent, integrated solution combined with an easy to use software wizard enables a great out-of-the-box experience Connectivity with Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology notebooks and other Wi-Fi enabled devices Intel® Platform software: Easier qualification, deployment, and support PCI Express Trusted Platform Module Serial-ATA com RAID Programa Intel® de Plataforma Estável

9 Tecnologia móvel aumenta produtividade
Gráfico de Produtividade Permite Maior Vida da Bateria Designs Mais Finos e Mais Leves Construido para Wireless Excelente Performance 11hrs Produtividade Notebook c/ WiFi Produtividade Notebook Produtividade 3 hrs 2002 2003 2004 2005E 2006E 2007E 2008E Wi-Fi Penetration 0% 100% 100 (M) 2001 Yavox/VOIP Demo Base (desktop) 1 Semana Ganhos de até 11 horas por semana de usuários com notebook wireless Seguranças de wlan sendo implementadas já hoje 1“Notebook Deployments in the Enterprise,” Gartner, Inc., October 10, 2002; 2Results of three independent studies showed when notebook users were given access to wireless LAN, they averaged around eight hours of additional new productivity per week: "Benefits and TCO of Notebook Computing," Gartner Consulting, '01; "Wireless LANs: Improving Productivity and Quality of Life," Sage Research, '01; “Wireless LAN Benefits Study,” NOP World -Technology, '01; 3“Taking it on the Road: Improving Productivity with Intel® Centrino™ Mobile Technology,” a human factors study by Intel IT, to be published July 2003

10 Circuito Fechado Intel
Centro de informacoes Intel Organizado por Verticais Soluções para desafios de negócio Platafoma Soluções para necessidades tecnologicas Cronograma de novas funções

11 Augusto P. Campos Desenvolvimento Negócios Cristian Oliveira Especialista em Soluções


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