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FactoryTalk Uma Plataforma Tecnológica de Software para Automação.

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1 FactoryTalk Uma Plataforma Tecnológica de Software para Automação

2 O Custo da Integração

3 Soluções Baseadas em Componentes
Componentes em geral criam gaps e sobreposições funcionais MES Data Model Historical Reporting Scheduling Operator Interface Batch Server History Server Supervisory HMI In a traditional component based solution, there are gaps and overlaps in functionality. These gaps and overlaps may be smaller or larger depending on the vendor/vendors of the components. However, because these products are designed to function independent of each other in a mix and max fashion, duplication of functionality is typical. This slide and the past few slides are meant to build up to the problem statement that FactoryTalk is intended to solve. This is your lead in to the problem statement. Alarm Server Data Server PLC I/O

4 Sistema Usando FactoryTalk
RSTestStand RSLinx RSHistorian RSScheduler RSPlantMetrics ` RSMACC RSSQL RSViewSE RSProduction Portal RSBatch RviewME ERP integration RSAutomation Desktop FactoryTalk oferece soluções baseadas em componentes com: Benefícios da alta integração Flexibilidade dos sistemas tradicionais baseados em componentes ` FT Live Data FT Diagnostics FT Audit FT Portal FT Data Model FT Directory FactoryTalk elimina gaps e sobreposições funcionais, oferecendo serviços comuns (tais como segurança, diagnósticos, e acesso a dados em tempo real), e permitindo que recursos da planta (tais como tags, displays e alarmes) sejam compartilhados por toda a planta.   Partes podem trabalhar de forma independente, mas quando postas em conjunto constituem um sistema altamente integrado Here we sum up the point we have been making when contrasting component based systems with integrated DCS style systems. FactoryTalk allows us to continue to provide the flexibility and cost effectiveness of component bases solutions, while providing the integration benefits of the DCS style solutions (without all the drawbacks such as high acquisition costs, high maintenance costs, little flexibility, single point of failure of a central database, etc.) So, FactoryTalk really is a platform that enables integration of previously disparate products and systems, eliminating duplication of functionality across products (such as tag databases, redundancy, alarming, etc). But it also provides the top to bottom integration of systems that before merely communicated or transferred information from one layer to another…now these pieces actually share “federated” information throughout the system.

5 FactoryTalk™ - Exemplo de Arquitetura
Business Control Room Supervisor Engineering Room Mobile System Data Terminal Client RSView RSBatch RSSql and RSView SE Client RSView Studio RSAutomation Desktop SE Client RSBizware HMI Server RSLinx Server 3rd party server HMI Server Data Servers RSBatch FactorTalk We have showed a logical view of the directory…now here is the physical view of Areas and servers within those areas. Those servers (represented on the lower half of the diagram) make their names available to the directory, and all clients (represented on the upper half of the diagram) of the Directory can use those names. (FT) (FT) (OPC) (FT) (OPC or FT) Server Directory (OPC or FT) Server Area1 Area2 Area3

6 FactoryTalk™ = Valor para o Cliente
FactoryTalk™ - Recursos Disponíveis: FactoryTalk™ Directory FactoryTalk™ Live Data FactoryTalk™ Diagnostics FactoryTalk™ Audit FactoryTalk™ Data Model Now we move into the actual components of FactoryTalk. We talk here only about the components that exist today. The first is the FactoryTalk Directory. The FactoryTalk directory provides an address book, otherwise described as a lookup table, or map of information in the system. It does not actually contain the data in the system, only the names of the servers providing the data. The transparency provided by the directory can be compared to a URL on the internet…when you type in the domain name of a website, you don’t know the name of the server providing the information…you are routed to that server without knowing the name. The internet is providing you with a lookup service because, much like the FactoryTalk directory does in an automation system.

7 FactoryTalk™ = Valor para o Cliente
FactoryTalk™ - Novos Recursos a Curto Prazo: FactoryTalk™ Security FactoryTalk™ Alarms & Events FactoryTalk™ Framework FactoryTalk™ Portal FactoryTalk™ Unified Plant Model FactoryTalk™ Web Services FactoryTalkTM continuará evoluindo para oferecer ainda mais valor para os clientes no futuro...

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