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Building a fuzzy ontology plugin for Protégé

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1 Building a fuzzy ontology plugin for Protégé

2 Introduction to Protégé
Free software for the creation of models and aplications using ontologies Developed by Stanford University and Mark Musen Enables the creation of ontologies for Semantic Web in the W3C OWL language

3 Ontology basics Description of concepts and relations that exist between them, used by one or more agents. “A formal and explicit specification of a shared conceptualisation.”

4 Basic components Classes - organized in a hierachy Relations - types of interactions Axioms - model true statements Instances - specific elements Domain - limits of an ontology Vocabulary - classes and instances

5 Protégé architecture GUI for manipulation of the knowledge base
Rich set of structures for modeling knowledge in various presentations formats Can be expanded by Java API plug-ins PAL – internal axiomatic language for the consrtuction of output forms

6 Architecture schematic

7 Source code  Protégé 4.0 graphViz

8 Creating an ontology

9 Creating a class

10 Object properties

11 Creating relations

12 Creating instances

13 Searching the code Protégé architecture, documentation and code repositories Problems with compatibility of versions Protégé 3.2, Protégé 3.4 e Protégé 4.0

14 Types of plugins T - Tab Widget plug-ins S - Slot Widget plug-ins
P - Project plug-ins I - Resource Display plug-ins F - Resource Action plug-ins O - Ontology Test plug-ins R - Result Panel plug-ins C - Conditions Widget Extensio plug-ins

15 Location of plugins

16 Usefull resourcess Protégé source Protégé repository Development guide with examples guide.html#Overview Class inheritance by plugin type JAVA help setting-java-home.html

17 Modifying XML Rename the file XML in folder XML to plugin.xml.
Add the folowing code into file

18 Configuring Eclipse Verify SubClipse is installed
Add Protégé repository to Eclipse Select the file trunk from protege4/protege-standalone/ Create new Java Project Add all JAR files from subfolders lib and osgi/equinox into subfolder src in the plugin folder Select file build.xml and execute “run as...” “Ant Build”

19 Required Métodos initialiseClassView() - creates vizualisations
updateView() - selects classes. disposeView() - removes visualisations getOWLModelManager() - accesses ontologies and events getOWLWorkspace() - returns interface

20 Plugin example Select the Protégé instalation folder as workspace
Add all JAR files with class packages Create and configure the compiler output Create a Java class with required methods Execute program

21 Errors and problems

22 Solution Create a workspace in the Protégé instalation file
Import all Protégé source code files into the project Add all possible libraries and extensions into the Protégé instalation file Configure the complier as before Configure a JAVA_HOME as described in Java help

23 Result

24 References GRUBER, T. R. A Translation Approach to Portable Ontology Specifications. Knowledge Acquisition, v. 5, n. 2, p , 1993. YAGUINUMA, C. A.; BIAJIZ, M.; SANTOS, M. T. P. Sistema FOQuE para Expansão Semântica de Consultas Baseada em Ontologias Difusas. In: XXII Simpósio Brasileiro de Banco de Dados, 2007, João Pessoa (PB). XXII Simpósio Brasileiro de Banco de Dados. João Pessoa (PB): SBC, v. 1. p STANFORD UNIVERSITY. The Protégé Ontology Editor and Knowledge Acquisition System. Disponível em: <http://protege.stanford/>. Acesso em: 03 ago SEMPREBOM, T; CAMADA, M; MENDONÇA, I. Protégé e Ontologias. Florianópolis, 17 jul Disponível em: <http://www.das.ufsc.br/~gb/pg-ia/Protege07/ontologia_protege.pdf>. Acesso em: 03 ago p. MIMWIKI. Utilização do Protégé para Definição de Ontologias Médicas. Disponível em: <http://mimwiki.med.up.pt/index.php/Utiliza%C3%A7%C3%A3o_do_Prot%C3%A9g%C3%A9_para_defini%C3%A7%C3%A3o_de_ontologias_m%C3%A9dicas>. Acesso em: 03 ago WIKIPEDIA.ORG. Ontologia (Ciência da Computação). Disponível em: < Acesso em: 03 ago

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