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Apresentando com Power Point

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1 Apresentando com Power Point
Jane’s Power Points! If your Office Assistant is turned on, watch for a light bulb to show in the Normal View. Click on the light bulb to view helpful suggestions that you are free to accept or reject. Cue up your presentation ahead of show time to know it works. Press the b key to have the screen go black and the w key to have the screen go white. Repeat to bring the PowerPoint screen back. Works if you need to break during your presentation and answer questions. Sure beats putting a paper over the lens! Choose a background to match the lighting in the room where you will be presenting, for example, black or blue in a darkened room, white in a lightened room. Title should be larger than your name unless you are famous. Adaptado de : Daniel Mestas

2 Conheça seu público Apresente informação relevante Foco no topico
Seja breve Evite “Bird Walks” Jane’s Power Points! Change your presentation to fit your audience. A single presentation rarely addresses every audience’s needs. A current date for your last modification can tell everyone that your information is recent and up to date or assembled in haste. An old date can say that you have been prepared for some time, or your information is dated. And what is with the snowflake pict? Graphics should have a purpose not take up space.

3 Escolhendo as cores - Parte 1
Use cores que ressaltem com o fundo Fundo escuro requirem cores claras como branco ou ouro Jane’s Power Points! Themes coordinate slide colors for you, but a PowerPoint author can make bad choices.

4 Cores - Parte 2 Texto em vermelho no fundo azul tem efeito púrpura que confunde Jane’s Power Points! 1. Use colors with “pop” not “blur”.

5 Cores – Parte 3 Letras verdes em fundo vermelho Jane’s Power Points!
1. Use colors with “pop” not “fuzz”.

6 Cores – Parte 4 Fundo claro pede letras escuras como vermelho ou azul
Fundo escuro pede cores brilhantes como branco ou ouro Jane’s Power Points! Don’t change colors just because you can. Use color for emphasis. Are you wondering how the next slide will transition? Strive for some consistency. For example, have every slide fly in from the left and add a different transition for emphasis.

7 Escolhendo a Fonte – Parte 1
Arial, Verdana, ou Tahoma Arial 28 pt fácil de ler. Tahoma 28 pt. Verdana 28 pt muito fácil ler quando projetada Jane’s Power Points! San-serif fonts are easy to read when projected. Maintain an aesthetic consistency when choosing fonts for a presentation.

8 Fonte – Parte 2 Times New Roman ou Courier
Times New Roman 28 pt difícil ler. Courier 28 pt muito fina, espaçada com baixa qualidade de projeção. Jane’s Power Points! Serif fonts are easy to read in print (tracking), but hard to read when projected.

9 Fonte – Parte 3 “Welcome to Jane’s World” está em Comic Sans 32 pt boa para apresentação não formal “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” está em Chiller 32 pt Word Art é bom… Jane’s Power Points! Don’t rely on specialty fonts as they may not be on the presentation computer. Word Art can be a solution. Word Art

10 Tamanho da letra Certifique-se de que a letra é grande o suficiente para ser lida. Jane’s Power Points! Squinting is very annoying. Don’t you agree? Font size should be large enough (24 pt, not less than 18 pt) to be read everywhere in the room. What looks good on your computer screen may not be good when projected.

11 Muito texto…. Reading many lines of text tires the audience out and distracts their attention from you and the excellent points you are making. “Chunk” information. I think four lines of text is enough in a chunk. If you are listing bullets of information as you are suppose to be doing in a PowerPoint presentation you shouldn’t have this problem. Jane’s Power Points! Each bulleted point should be a springboard for you to share more information. Keep your points short. If you fit everything on the slide, no one would be able to read it and you wouldn’t be necessary. Putting too much information on a slide is a dead giveaway that you don’t know what you’re doing.

12 Graficos GIF VS. JPEG Jane’s Power Points!
1. GIF pictures are 8-bit color and cartoon like while JPEG pictures are 24-bit color and photographic quality. GIF VS JPEG

13 Tamanho – Part 1 Klamath Falls, Oregon Jane’s Power Points!
1. Squinting isn’t fun! Be sure your graphics can be seen from the back of the room.

14 Tamanho – Part 2 Jane’s Power Points! 1. Better?

15 Arquivos JPEGS Size 15.7 KB Size 25.9 KB Jane’s Power Points!
1. Do you see a difference? Neither do I, but optimizing saves space and decreases load time. Size 15.7 KB Size 25.9 KB

16 Using Charts – Part 1 Jane’s Power Points!
1. Where is the title of this chart? What are the units along the left? 2. Nice information but too cluttered. Let’s remove the lines and go three-dimensional.

17 Regional Sales (in millions)
Using Charts - Part 2 Regional Sales (in millions) Jane’s Power Points! 1. Same graph “cleaned up”. Better?

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