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O avanço do design através dos materiais

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1 O avanço do design através dos materiais
Theme of my presentation is Advancing Design Through Materials I’m going to talk about some things we’ve learned along the way The relationship between design and materials is an important topic to Eastman since we’re a materials company – without design we just sell pellets – not too exciting! Alternate title could be Advancing Materials Through Design since design needs should and do actually influence material development

2 Eastman Chemical Company – Uma história de sucesso!
Before moving forward .... Let’s take a brief look at Eastman’s history and tell you who we are and why we exist. During World War I … Eastman Kodak’s supply of photographic chemicals from Europe was cut off. George Eastman decided that Kodak needed to develop an independent supply of raw materials. He purchased a wood distillation plant in Kingsport, Tennessee to supply the methanol and other needed chemicals. That was the beginnings of Eastman Chemical Company. We quickly learned to use our technology and know-how to introduce new products, like acetate yarn and acetate tow, acetic anhydride, cellulosic plastics, and PET polymers. As a part of Eastman Kodak, Eastman Chemicals Division grew into four domestic sites - Kingsport, TN, Longview, TX, Columbia, SC and Batesville, AR and had sales offices around the world. In response to the oil embargo of the 70s, Eastman sought to lessen its dependency on foreign petroleum. In 1983, we became the first to operate a commercial coal gasification facility in the U.S. and the first to produce acetyl chemicals from coal (50% of Eastman's acetyl demand). In 1993, we were awarded the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award by President Bill Clinton Then, on January 1, 1994, we were spun off from Kodak and became an independent company - Eastman Chemical Company. We’re traded on the New York Stock Exchange and our ticker symbol is EMN.

3 Quem somos? Um produtor global de produtos químicos, plásticos e fibras Dedicados ao sucesso econômico, preservação ambiental e responsabilidade social Líderes na producção de revestimentos, adesivos, plásticos especiais e fibras de acetato de celulose Primeira empresa a comercializar uma unidade de gaseificação nos EUA em 1983, tornando-se líder de desempenho na indústria Sediada em Kingsport, Tennessee, EUA Presente no Brasil desde 1978 At Eastman Chemical Company, we manufacture and market the chemicals, fibers and plastics that give everyday products the strength, design and functional characteristics desired by customers around the world. Eastman people are innovative and are known for their caring attitude, environmental stewardship and community involvement. Our company provides coatings, adhesives and specialty plastics products; we are a major supplier of cellulose acetate fibers; and we’ve introduced a revolutionary breakthrough in manufacturing PET polymers for packaging. Commercialized the first industrial gasification facility in America in The facility is internationally recognized for its industry-leading operating performance. The world today is a dynamic place. We’re seeing new entrants in our markets every year. Perhaps more than ever, people care about the legacy they leave future generations and are ready to take action to address social and environmental concerns. Many companies see these challenges as threats. At Eastman, we see these as opportunities for which we continue to take an unconventional approach to succeeding in the marketplace. We have developed a number of transforming initiatives which do more than simply respond to challenges. They allow us to embrace change and continue to find ways to innovate and improve.

4 O que produzimos? Turning our insight Into results
Revestimentos, Adesivos, Polímeros especiais e Tintas Fibras Produtos Químicos de desempenho e intermediários Polímeros de Desempenho Plásticos Especiais On the following slides we'll learn more about our five business segments and the products we market and manufacture. Our products aren’t marketed at the retail level … but are used by other manufacturers to produce end-use products. Like most consumers … you probably use Eastman products every day. They enhance the products you use and improve your quality of life. Our five business segments are: Coatings, Adhesives, Specialty Polymers and Inks Fibers Performance Chemicals and Intermediates Performance Polymers Specialty Plastics (MC)

5 Servimos diversos mercados no mundo todo!
2008 vendas por mercado Vendas pro região 18% Tabaco 23% Embalagens 14% Construção 19% 60% 13% We produce over 1,200 products that enhance the lives of people worldwide.  Even though our products are not household words, they are used in making everything from the packaging for your food, drinks and personal care products, to the fabric in your clothing and home furnishings, to the paint on your house and automobile, to the plastics on your bicycle helmet and golf clubs. Our extensive product line and technologies are supported by strong technical services. Customers rely on Eastman's expertise to help create innovative products that are competitive in today's challenging marketplace. 11% Químicos industriais e processos 6% Transporte 7% 11% Bens de consumo 6% Saúde e cuidados pessoais 5% Bens duráveis 2% Energia, combustíveis e água 2% Agricultura 2% Eletrônicos

6 Revestimentos, adesivos, polímeros especiais e tintas
Mercados grandes e diversificados Construção Transporte Embalagens Eletrônicos Cuidados pessoais Largo portfólio de produtos $1.5 bilhões em vendas em 2008 Here are some quick facts about Coatings, Adhesives, Specialty Polymers and Inks (CASPI for short). It markets products used to formulate everything from household paints to marine coatings to specialty adhesives. In addition to the coatings used in metallic flake on the cell phones, CASPI products go into paint coatings like the ones used in your home or on your car. CASPI also produces a wide range of adhesives like those found in baby diapers, tapes, and labels, and nonwoven consumables such as diapers and feminine hygiene products. It also makes a key ingredient found in chewing gum. Serves large, diverse markets: Building and construction Transportation Packaging Electronics Personal care

7 Fibras Principais produtos Fibras de acetato Fios de acetato
Intermediários Acéticos Principais aplicações Filtros para cigarros Tecidos e roupas Mobiliário $1 bilhões em vendas em 2008 Fibers is one of our oldest, and most profitable businesses. The three main products produced in this segment are: Acetate tow Acetate yarn Acetyl chemicals You would recognize these products as the filter tow in cigarettes, or the yarn used in high-end apparel or home furnishings

8 Químicos de desempenho e intermediários
Mais de 150 produtos químicos intermediários, de desempenho e personalizados oferecidos. Variedade de mercados Agroquímico Bebidas Nutrição Farmacêuticos Revestimentos Pisos vinílicos $2.1 bilhões em vendas em 2008 Performance Chemical and Intermediates, or PCI, products are used in pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical coatings, are used as food and beverage ingredients, help preserve farm animal and pet foods, are used as cosmetic and personal care ingredients and are important in numerous additional markets and applications. Within PCI, we market and manufacture over 150 products including intermediates – products that go into the manufacturing of other products – and performance and custom-manufactured chemicals Used in a variety of end uses: Agrochemical Beverages Nutrition Medical devices Pharmaceuticals Coatings Flooring Personal care Eastman's PCI business segment is the largest marketer of acetic anhydride in the U.S. Acetic anhydride is an intermediate that is a critical component of analgesics and other pharmaceutical and agricultural products. It is also the only U.S. producer of acetaldehyde, a key intermediate in the production of vitamins and other specialty products.

9 Plásticos Especiais Copoliésteres e Celulósicos altamente especializados e de alto valor agregado por suas características únicas Resistência Durabilidade Resistências à temperatura e química Variedade de aplicações de alto valor agregado Store fixtures e displays Cuidados Pessoais e embalagens cosméticas Rótulos termo encolhíveis Embalagens para bebidas e alimentos Embalagens e aparatos médicos Duráveis e eletro-eletrônicos $923 milhões em vendas em 2008 Specialty Plastics markets highly specialized copolyesters and cellulosic plastics that are valued for their unique characteristics Strength Durability Heat and chemical resistance Specialty Plastics markets plastic products (pellets) that go into transaction cards, electrical and electronic circuits and packaging, consumer products, medical devices and packaging, appliances, film and hundreds of other applications.

10 O que nos torna únicos: Pessoas, tecnologia e responsabilidade social
Eastman toxicologists, chemists, biologists, and other experienced specialists work closely with technology, manufacturing, business and associated health, safety and environmental representatives to facilitate product and application improvements. Through a collaborative process and a common framework across all science and business disciplines we come to understand what is needed, what’s technically possible and how to provide the best value to customers and the communities in which we operate. Keeping employees safe on the job is at the top of our list.

11 Através de abordagens inovadoras que conduzem à soluções práticas
Nossos colaboradores fazem a diferença: Através de abordagens inovadoras que conduzem à soluções práticas Technology, quality, operational excellence, customer service –are some of our strengths. Eastman people actively work to protect people and the environment and to uplift the standards of the economic physical and social world in which we live and work. We have been involved in making life better, healthier, and safer for people around the world. We know it takes more than bricks and mortar to make a company great.

12 Uma história de sucesso em inovação
Eastman innovation Tritan™ Eastar™ DN011 Durastar™ 1000 Eastar™ K3000 Eastar™ EN058 Exciting isn’t it? Now the purpose of this slide is to show that Eastman's Specialty Plastics has a history of developing and commercializing products to meet the demand of the market. Emphasize that we are the one of the largest producers of PET, the only supplier of mixed cellulose ester and the many markets that our copolyester are sold into today. We are hear to talk about the FUTURE and our new polymer. Eastar™ PCTG Eastar™ PETG Eastapak™ PET Tenite™ cellulosics Uma história de sucesso em inovação

13 O avanço do design através dos materiais
Our unique copolyesters can make the difference when it comes to bring life to products that can be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary. Here is an example of how a clear plastic from Eastman transformed the way we look at bait. That’s right... Bait for fishing. Through the high design properties of our materias aligned with its expetional clarity we coud bring up to life and to more sales, what once was just a regular fishing bait package. 13

14 O avanço dos materiais através do design
Not only through materials the degin can be advanced. The other way around is also true. This is a clear example – TELL Y WATER STORY 14

15 Materiais e o design avançando juntos
Eastman is a raw materials supplier with 2008 revenues of $6.8 billion. A target market for Eastman’s Specialty Plastics business are store fixtures and displays – what we’re calling visual merchandising. To connect and inspire the retail market, we’re collaborating with designers to see materials with new eyes. One of the ways we’re doing this is through our Eastman Innovation Lab website. The website is our version of an artist’s canvas. We strive to show how design and materials can advance each other. Our mantra is: Doing things differently…doing things better. The biggest milestone in our design journey was the launch in March 2004 of the Eastman Innovation Lab website. The latest example of this is the KOR ONE Hydration Vessel made from Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. It’s a compelling story of design, health and sustainability coming together to make a great product.

16 Sustentabilidade através do design
Tell the Natura story... Reuse, refill, reduce... All about sustainability.

17 Criatividade nasce das limitações
Gap no portfolio da Eastman Oportunidade de trazer inovação ao mercado Finding creativity in constraints – this is key and this is where some of the best work can be done. The best designers in the world are able to take constraints and innovate despite them. You can get results from maximizing the options and making the most of what you have available – in the case of the staircase – or you can get results from removing some limitations and thinking differently about a solution. This is what we did when creating Tritan. Tritan was developed over several years at Eastman because of a gap in our portfolio – we didn’t have materials that could withstand temperatures at or close to polycarbonate. We solved that problem, and after several (but relatively few) years of development, the initial product offerings for Tritan were launched last year. Eastman has produced copolyesters for decades. Our extensive experience with this type of material gave us insight into both its chemical properties and possibilities in the marketplace, which have driven a major innovation like Tritan. Tritan is the first new product to be launched to the market in over 10 years. Most product launches are really product tweaks – but Tritan is a totally new polymer. It’s rare to have the opportunity to bring a new polymer to market.

18 Enxergando com novos olhos
“O real ato da descoberta consiste não em encontrar novas terras mas vê-las com novos olhos.” Marcel Proust Novelista Francês We deiced to go for it and create a new product that would fill the gap but at the same time would bring something new to the marketplace... We decided to see with new eyes, because sometimes you have the answers to your problems in your back yard... It is just a matter of looking at thing differently. That’s what we did. Teastick Gems

19 Necessidades do mercado
Maior durabilidade Melhor brilho e maior transparência Dureza e resistência ao impacto Alternativa livre de Bisfenol A So we went talk to people…to the market… to make sure our feeling was right and how we could work together with the market in all aspects to develop a material that could be above all different. Describe these attributes as they pertain to Tritan. What we bring to the market that competitors materials do not have. Link them back to: Performance Aesthetics Differentiation Starting to connect the dots?

20 Fazendo a conexão “Pessoas odeiam quem se venda algo para elas, mas ela gostam de comprar coisas. Se você abordá-las de uma maneira onde a decisão final parta delas, elas comprarão e se sentirão felizes com sua decisão.” Kurt Botsai Vice President de Inovação RKS Design We started to connect the dots... Understand the customers of the customers of the customers of our customers... All the way down the chain... See their needs with new eyes... Discover...

21 Feedback dos designers
Visual Simples Memorável Atual Contém o elemento surpresa Confiável Crível Simples, sem linguagem técnica Network que facilita acesso à mais dados Fácil de navegar We talked to designers... And why did we do that (read the slide)

22 Uma nova geração de copoliésteres
And we could get all that information to create a new product, different from everything we had in our portfolio and carrying on the responsibility to deliver something new to the marketplace. A great example of something new is Eastman Tritan Copolyester. The information you see here is from the Eastman Innovation Lab website. (spinning tablet – and click to the next pictures) Tag line – transform your thinking New generation (NOT next) Balance of aesthetics and performance – don’t have to make trade offs The material gives you freedom to innovate by removing some constraints that other clear, rigid plastics can have Easy to process and has a sustainability story as well Tritan came from a unique opportunity that we Eastman had to drive material innovation But material innovation isn’t enough – design is also a critical element. 22

23 Tritan™ value proposition
Alta transparência Excelente resistência química Superior resistência ao impacto BPA free – Livre de Bisfenol A Baixos níveis de stress residual Maior resistência à temperatura que outros copoliésteres Fácil de processar, resultando num menor desperdício ENHANCE VP

24 Características e benefícios do Eastman Tritan™ copolyester
Muito resistente (NB izod entalhado) Alto Tg (108°C-116°C) Resistência química Hidroliticamente estável Baixa tensão residual de moldagem Resistente a manchas Bisphenol-A free Taxas de moldagem mais rápidas que as de PC, em muitas aplicações de injeção Fácil de moldar em operações projetadas para o PC Peso especifico reduzido (1,18) Novo polímero Excelente transparência e alto brilho Boa resistência ao risco Read the characteristics.

25 Tritan™ - Diferenciadores
Melhora os produtos existentes criando soluções dinâmicas Maior ciclo de vida do produto e apelo estético durável acrescentam à história sustentável do produto final WHAT TRITAN CAN BRING... ENHANCE IMMEDIATE ADVANTAGES

26 Material forte Resultados Notched Izod similares ao Policarbonato (PC)
Maior alongamento que o PC ~90% transmissão de luz e brilho supeiror Apelo no PDV diferenciado Possibilidades de design Toque diferenciado Enhance POP advantage and other advantages

27 Fácil processamento Pode ser usado em moldes de PC
Possibilidades taxas de produção mais rápidas Não necessita recozimento posterior para a eliminação de tensões Menor densidade = menos material para o mesmo número de peças HIGHLIGHT THE SUSTAINABILITY COMPONENT

28 Tritan™ - Aumentando os limites
Alteração de molde desnecessária Reduzido risco de quebra, rachaduras e esfumaçado Virtualmente inquebrável, quimicamente resistente e livre de Bisfenol A Processa melhor e proporciona maior detalhe nas peças Enhance processability and resistance aspects 28

29 Maior liberdade de design
Formas Cores Dimensional Alta transparência Brilho Som Toque Design, design, design...

30 Quebrando as regras Creating a stir in the small appliance market is nothing new for Vita-Mix Corporation. The company has been addressing consumer needs through groundbreaking products since it introduced the Vita-Mix Machine in 1937 and helped establish the blender category. So it makes perfect sense that Vita-Mix would be the first to take advantage of the benefits of Tritan. BPA-free container meets the needs of Vita-Mix’s customers Vita-Mix was founded on a promise of “healthy eating, healthy living.” Recently, customers have been asking for a blender container design that could deliver the long-lasting performance that is a hallmark of Vita-Mix products — but without the presence of bisphenol-A (BPA). “We place an emphasis on using the highest-quality materials and components for our Vita-Mix products, and we had been looking for a viable BPA-free solution for a number of years,” explains John Barnard, CEO of Vita-Mix Corporation. “Tritan is the only material able to deliver this advantage while maintaining the levels of impact resistance the containers must have for the wide variety of processes that the new Vita-Mix 5200 can perform on a daily basis.” Remarkable toughness meets the needs of varied and demanding applications Tritan helps transform the market without transforming manufacturing processes 30

31 Escutando os consumidores
Let’s look at this from the Brand Owner’s perspective… Camelbak had one of the first Tritan applications. They drove this innovation because of what their customers were seeking. Camelbak already had the top bottle in the market. Didn’t want new design but Needed to meet a key demand of their customers while minimizing the tradeoffs they would experience. (listening to consumers) There’s a key point made in this text – “Product differentiation is a marker on the road to success – but it only points the way. It doesn’t offer guarantees. You have to deliver a product and experience that the consumer feels is superior.” (scroll to the bottom of the text) “Consumers want a BPA free choice.” (making it easy) Differentiation usually occurs at the expense of something. With other BPA-free materials, giving up properties such as clarity, strength, or color was the norm. Camelbak and their customers didn’t have to compromise in their switch to Tritan. (cool, cool bottles – click on orange slice to keep them flowing) Camelbak added 5 colors to their product line as they’ve rolled out the Tritan bottle, bringing the total selection to 18 colors. (free and clear) Brandowner says “we found a better material – improving what we have here in a way that’s meaningful” to the consumer. This may be obvious but it always bears repeating. You have to be clear on what the customer wants to gain in a new design or product, but also what they want to maintain from their past experience. New and different don’t always equal better to the consumer if the tradeoff is something they cherish. Company Info: CamelBak Products, LLC (Petaluma, CA), the leading provider of hydration systems for consumer, government and industrial applications, recently partnered with Eastman Chemical Company to manufacture the CamelBak® Better Bottle product line using new Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. 31

32 KOR ONE To go “beyond the bottle,” KOR Ideas reaches for
Eastman Tritan™ copolyester KOR Ideas, Inc., hopes to change the way consumers view water by completely revamping the common reusable water bottle. As consumers look for alternatives to disposable bottled water, KOR has created a stylish, reusable product it says is more than just a bottle. It’s an experience. KOR ONE combines timeless design and timely responsibility Design. Health. Sustainability. These are the three pillars KOR Ideas embraces with the innovative KOR ONE Hydration Vessel, a durable, luxurious and functional container that consumers will be proud to take to their corporate offices and meeting rooms, health clubs and yoga studios. The durable KOR ONE is designed for a long life cycle. In addition, KOR donates part of the product’s sales toward water-related issues — and even offers a buy-back program when the product’s useful life has been exhausted. Combining the experience of designer, molder and Eastman Chemical Company To achieve the company’s goals of style and function, Eric Barnes, founder of KOR, drew on the experience of a respected designer, a leading precision molder and the manufacturer of an innovative polymer called Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. KOR worked with RKS to develop a classic design featuring a clear, oblong container with a thick, crystal-like base, free of unwanted gates or other interruptions to the vessel’s elegant lines. “It was very different than what we typically manufacture,” says Johnathan Rolland, Global Program manager for Nypro, the molder selected for the KOR ONE. “Fortunately, we were able to overcome the design challenges by working closely with RKS and KOR to take full advantage of the processing capabilities of Tritan™.” Combining durable functionality and design flexibility Eastman Tritan™ copolyester provides a combination of clarity, toughness and dishwasher durability unmatched in other materials. Tritan also contributes to the rich feel and acoustic quality of the KOR ONE and allows its appealing variable wall thicknesses.

33 Nalgene Choice Nalgene knows that the smallest of differences in plastics can make a big difference in the end product. By choosing Tritan™ to replace polycarbonate in its Everyday™ bottles, Nalgene is responding to consumers seeking reusable bottles manufactured without bisphenol-A (BPA). “We maintain toughness and durability with Tritan™ and the material’s unique balance of properties allows us to add value for consumers who are looking for high-performance bottles that are BPA-free,” says Eric Hansen, senior business manager for Nalgene. “Our customers are sensitive to the BPA issue and have been asking for an alternative like Tritan™.” Nalgene engineers found that Tritan™ is easy to process in molds designed for polycarbonate. “We’ve been able to produce the new bottles with only minor tool modifications,” Hansen adds. In creating lasting designs, Nalgene promotes sustainability through campaigns such as Refill, Not Landfill. Says Hansen: “It’s an obvious message for us, one that our consumers are already doing.”

34 Hourglass Hourglass Coffee, based in Portland, Ore., uses Eastman Tritan™ copolyester in its Hourglass® Cold Brew Coffee System, which uses a slow cold water extraction process to develop a raw coffee extract that is naturally low in bitter acids and unhealthy oils. The new coffee system does not require electricity, and when selecting a material, durability was important for making the system easily portable and shatterproof. To add to the product’s ease of use, the coffee system’s components are dishwasher-safe. “Utilizing Eastman Tritan™ copolyester for our product allowed us to offer our consumers a long-lasting, durable product that meets our goal of providing them with products that promote health,” said Kim Kapp, director of marketing for Hourglass Coffee. “The glasslike clarity and coloring opportunities also helped us design a high-quality aesthetic.” Polar Plastech, a high-end plastic technology company based in Odessa, Fla., produces its innovative plastic beverage system, Polar Pitcher®, with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. The 60-ounce Polar Pitcher® includes an inner ice chamber that keeps beverages cold without diluting the beverage. Polar Plastech chose Tritan™ because of its dishwasher durability, and its odor and stain resistance, allowing it to uphold safety and sanitation standards. “One of the main reasons we designed Polar Pitcher® was to provide a sanitary way to keep beverages cool, so it was important that the material used to develop the pitcher maintained sanitation standards,” said Steve Roberts, president of Polar Plastech. “Additionally, the pitcher is often used in outdoor seating and pool areas, so it was important the pitchers were durable and shatter-resistant. Eastman Tritan™ copolyester provided all those attributes.” CCE, an entrepreneurial firm based in Suwanee, Ga., uses Eastman Tritan™ copolyester to provide customers with clear, reusable serving products that are tough and shatter-resistant for both the commercial and retail markets. The innovative serving ware line incorporates three sizes of plates and glasses in four styles: champagne, wine, martini and manhattan. The glasses fit securely into the plates, allowing users to carry both food and a drink while keeping one hand free. “We were looking for a material that was BPA-free, maintained clarity and integrity through continued dishwashing and use, and provided a quality aesthetic,” said Jim Cox, owner of CCE. “Eastman Tritan™ copolyester offered all those properties, as well as design flexibility.”

35 Mother Of All Parts Blackwell Plastics, an injection molding company, has utilized Eastman Tritan™ copolyester to create an innovative frozen drink dispenser faceplate. The new part, used to dispense refreshing, flavored frozen beverages while displaying the product to consumers, is utilized by major restaurant chains nationwide. When designing the faceplate, Blackwell needed a material that would maintain clarity, perform at extreme heat ranges (between -40°F to 160°F), and was chemical- and impact-resistant. Additionally, the faceplate design for the frozen beverage dispenser needed to magnify and provide an enhanced visual of the drink product. After unsuccessfully testing a variety of clear materials, including acrylic and polycarbonate, to create the part, Blackwell Plastics consulted with Eastman to effectively design the faceplate using Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. “We took the initiative to get in touch with Eastman because we were having trouble identifying a high-quality, tough, clear and chemical-resistant material for this application,” said Jeff Applegate, president of Blackwell Plastics. “The unique qualities of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester allowed us to create and mold a plastic that met all of our needs and those of the end user.”  Eastman Tritan™ copolyester creates a durable product with high-heat and chemical resistance, and easy processing. The plastic also does not crack, haze or discolor after continued wash and daily use. The unique characteristics of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester allowed Blackwell Plastics to create a viable and innovative plastic piece for its customer to distribute to restaurant chains nationwide.

36 Sustentabilidade através do design
“Sustentabilidade não significa apenas matérias primas sustentáveis. Significa, também, um bom design. Um design diferente, atrativo, estimula as pessoas a manterem algo por mais tempo. Um bom design é colocado na parede de casa.” Eric Barnes Fundador e Criador KOR ONE Hydration Vessel Sustainability is a major issue for consumers, and its therefore a major issue for us. They want materials and design to provide a sustainable solution. The two go together. Eric Barnes, founder and creator of the KOR ONE water bottle, says it best: “Sustainability is not just about materials. It’s about good design. Good design prompts people to keep something longer. Good design goes on the mantelpiece.”

37 Tritan™ - elevando o nível
A combinação única de propriedades permite o foco estar na inovação e não nas limitações de processamento Resistência e durabilidade significam poder olhar pro futuro de produtos que irão atender melhor as necessidades do consumidor, reduzindo devoluções e reclamações BPA free permitirá a diferenciação de seus produtos Uma nova geração de copoliésteres que possibilita maior liberdade de design Um plástico novo que processa em menor tempo e consumindo menos energia Resume closing on main Tritan caractheristics and advantages. 37

38 Muito Obrigado!!! Rogério Dias 38

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