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PROGRAMA Fase I: Tecnologia do Petróleo Fase II: PSL Específico

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2 PROGRAMA Fase I: Tecnologia do Petróleo Fase II: PSL Específico
Nível I: Equipamento & Materiais Nível II: Operações em tempo real Nível III: Otimização de modelos Fase III: Área Específica (campo) Experiência de campo

3 Career and Sucession Plan
METTRO (NOTE: The map just show linear progressions. Play up the lateral opportunities that exist.) METTRO is a tool to promote dialogue between you and your supervisor. This tool is to help you understand your role in your career planning process. Let’s answer the question “What is METTRO?” METTRO - Moving Employees To The Right Opportunities is the latest Halliburton web based career planning tool. METTRO is an information tool that provides information enabling employees to chart their own career paths within the organization. METTRO is a map that shows a view of the Energy Services Group organization from a job title perspective. Halliburton provides the coaching, the training and the development opportunities for employees to reach their career goals, keeping in mind the best interest of the company. METTRO is a tool that will help employees ‘see’ a career progression path, pay bands associated with the career path, the competencies needed for each role and the development required to reach the next career level. The key to an employee’s development is a strong partnership with your manager. Why should you use METTRO? Career planning can occur whenever the employee is ready. An employee can initiate a career discussion with your manager and it can take place at any point within the performance management cycle. The best time to use METTRO is before the you and your manager sit down to create your development plan, at that time the employee should discuss any opportunities that interest them. You should also discuss your long-term future aspirations.

4 Learning Management System (ilearn)
Sistema de aprendizado online Recursos de treinamento Programas individualizados de auto-desenvolvimento Sistema de desenvolvimento de carreira – avaliação e revisão de competências Use ilearn to enhance your performance results. Here is where you will find training requirements to fulfill you job performance expectations, safety expectations and company policy and process studies (such as the COBC requirement mentioned earlier). You will also be able to find training on topics for personal development objectives. Also within ilearn you will find a place to assess against your knowledge, skills and behaviors against your current job competencies and a career option path where you can select another position to asses against for future opportunities.

5 iLearn® – Competências
(Explain where to go in ilearn to find your competencies.) Log in to Ilearn at and click on Career Development Path and then on My Current Job. This will explain your required competencies for your job role.

6 People, Performance, Results (PPR)
Focado nas áreas de desempenho claramente estabelecidas : Qualidade de Serviço Saúde e Segurança Proteção Ambiental Responsabilidade Financeira Alinhado com os objetivos da Halliburton Inclui medições de desempenho Identifica necessidades de desenvolvimento We have a merit pay plan here at Halliburton; employees are paid for performance. Within that system, we have some flexibility, but compensation has a lot to do with the goals that individuals set and whether they meet their goals. To provide a guide for your success we utilize the People, Performance, Results Program (PPR). Each employee can be effective in performance and continuous learning by participating in this program. PPR helps facilitate the challenges and the opportunities in our changing work environment by: READ SLIDE.


8 A Energia para Ajudar United Kingdom United States Indonesia Canada
THE ENERGY TO HELP. At Halliburton we are also committed to improving the quality of life in the communities where we live and work through employee volunteerism and corporate financial and in-kind donations. As a Halliburton employee, you’ll have opportunities to help charitable organizations in your community that are dedicated to education, health and welfare, civic issues, and arts and culture. We’re proud that Halliburton employees have “the energy to help” their neighbors. Canada Argentina Nigeria

9 One Halliburton

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